GLPOLY Thermal gap pad and Bergquist Gap Pad A2000

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It is easy to produce thermal gap pad, but to be honest, there are just a few of manufacturers who can produce quality thermal gap pad, GLPOLY is one of them.
Why do I say it is easy to produce thermal gap pad? The main contents of thermal pad are similar, you can make primary product easily with some additives. Why is it hard to make quality product? because of different grade of raw materials, different batching accuracy. They are vital to thermal and physical properties.
Counterparts will mislead customer paying attention to a specific parameter, ignoring other parameters. A pioneering thermal management solution supplier will never do this. GLPOLY provides customers with customized thermal materials as requested.
An ltalian auto component supplier, the engineer gave me two instructions when he found us 1) thermal conductivity is not less than 2.0W/mK, 2) Compression is as big as possible. He did not give a specific vulue to compression that makes it difficult to satisfy. This thermal pad was going to be applied in electric vehicle battery pack, so we recommended a compression of 40% according to our experiences. After test, customer fed back the compression is not enough with 700N pressure, leaving gaps between waterplate and thermal pad, if we applied bigger pressure, we’ll destroy the waterplate.
We adjust the compression ratio to 60%, this is all what domestic counterparts can do. But customer said we need to improve 10% more after assembling. The other two suppliers said it can not be done, this is the most we can do. But GLPOLY is still working on it, changing raw materials, adjusting additives. Finally, we achieved a conpression ratio of 72%.
GLPOLY imported raw materials from Germany and Japan, and processed raw materials again with nanometer grinder, making particle size samller to improve heat transfer. Now GLPOLY is a quality partner to NIO, GAC etc. auto enterprises.
GLPOLY help keep your devices performing at their best.
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