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I am interested in establishing and operating a very viable business as a means of investment . I do not know too well
on how this is done, So I will need you to help me in this regard.

My preference is any good profit yielding business and I would appreciate any viable ideas you could come up with.
I will also need you to help me look for properties like homes and lands for sale as I am proposing to invest in
the Middle East. Also we can work with your projects if found profitable. For a brief on my personality; My name
is Yves Michel Fotso a Cameroon Business man and I am willing to do business. The stock of Commercial Bank Cameroon,
is privately owned by Cameroonian and foreign investors. The major shareholders are listed in the table

I am President in this bank, Former Managing Director, Cameroon Airlines and I run other businesses in Cameroon as well.
Please I expect your good and prompt reply so that we can proceed swiftly. My representative would travel to meet you to
discuss potential areas.

Best Regards,
Mr. Yves Michel Fotso.
Address: 41 Quartier Manguissa, Yaounde, Cameroon.
Personal Email :
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