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I have two very advantageous projects to buy. The first project is 24million euros. Two is €500,000 euros. I want an investor to help me or want a loan with a sum of 100%. More details will be offered by email :
Watssap: +40734808713

Bussiness Plan Bordello Pub

The Pub/Restaurant known as BORDELLO PUB , is for sale at the price of 200.000 Euros. At this moment, the entire club require a detailled renovation , refurnished and a new image of the club. A big advantage for this new bussiness is that in the same building , at higher levels , they will open a Hostel , that will bring a lot of new clients to the Pub downstairs.
For the plan of the renovation and refurnishing , the investment can reach 200.000 Euros. Knowing that we have contracted a renovation Company , they said we would need about 2 months for the entire location changes. After that , the financial plan and the income will be visible higher than the current status of the bussines.
At the same moment , during the renovation , we will apply a new marketing strategy , with contracting known singers from Romania, creating big musical events and parties with Grand Opening Party. This way our new club with a brand new image , name and management will atract a lot of new customers. We have estimated for the first three months with all the contracts an investment arround 100.000 Euros. After this “boom” , the Club will work at its full capacity , this way , the income will be at least double than the one they provided. Our financial scheme indicate that with all the marketing and our vision for this club , will have an income of 60.000 Euro per month . 60.000 Euro x 12 months = 720.000 Euro in 1 year. If we start this bussiness , we are planning for 10 years. About 7.000.000 Euros in 10 years.

Concluding , the entire investment of this project is 500.000 Euro . As we already advanced the negociation with the actual Managers , we would like to start this as soon as possible. Is a small investment , but with great oportunities.
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