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Rozenblat Company is mainly a trade company. It’s active on the European market since 1999 but our
merchant traditions go back to XVIII century. The specificity of our family business consists in the
exclusive distribution of goods from the construction industry. We were originally a general distributor
of the highest quality geotechnical materials. As pioneers in this field we’ve educated a construction
industry in geosynthetics in Poland. At the moment we mainly trade these materials. We are
also an exclusive distributor the world's leading manufacturer of fiberglass. The third most
important branch of our business is design and sale composite traffic/bike/pedestrian bridges.
Our actions have always been focused on building a market for innovative products in Poland.
We have a great experience and successes in this field. We are looking for new products to
introduce on the polish market. We have a good team of people in the office, great logistic
and warehouse space near Poznań & Cracow. Please contact if you're interested :)
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