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Looking serious investor, venture capital ,anywhere in the world for business development in the field of online entertainment in a niche without competition, with tremendous potential for growth and development.
Required investment stands at about $ 600.000 dollars and revenue can easily exceed 2-5 million annually.
I note that the 2 to 5 million dollars, is a pessimistic forecast and revenues may be much higher.
Also I want to say that obtaining such income, necessary expenses are about 300.000 annually, the difference up to 2-5 million being gross profit.
So this deal will bring a higher yield of 100 percent annually in real no predictions overestimated, but which are possible to overcome any positive expectations.
This deal is in progress, with very good results, but for maximize results require more investments.
The business is not for sale totally ditch just willing to associate me with a potential investor in good conditions for both sides.
I have invested a lot of work and money and want to develop up to maximum potential.
Please only serious and unprejudiced people to contact me for preliminary talks.
Please write about your intention on my e-mail: , or whatsapp : 00447787381124
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