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 Cow & Ox Gallstones/Bovine Gallstone
  • Cow & Ox Gallstones/Bovine Gallstone
  • Gallstones develop inside a number of bovines, mainly depending on their age and diet. They are essentially located in the gallbladder. Ox gallstones are used for the pharmacopeia. They have a medicinal use, thank to their sedative, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. In particular, they are used for hepatic treatment and this is a product very scarce. We are a company that specializes in cow gallstones

    Product description
    After extracting the gallstones from the cattle there are washed thoroughly with cold water to remove blood clots, impurities etc. After washing they are dried for two to three weeks in a dark and well ventilated environment at a temperature of approx. 20 degrees Celsius. The stones have to be moved regularly for better drying and to avoid them sticking at each other. After full drying the stones are packed in hermetically sealed bags

    Our stones have a natural smell of healthy, BSE free cattle. Liver stones, kidney stones, piping, moldy stones, blood stones, cholesterol stones and stones descending from other animals respectively are separated Shipment.

    Ox Gallstones Cattle Gallstones Cow Gallstones
    100% whole stones
    90% whole stones / 10% broken
    80% whole stones / 20% broken
    100 % Broken and 100 % Powder
  • € 7.00
    No bruises
    No black pads or ammonia burns
    No bad smells
    No excessive blood or blood stains
    White skin
    No broken bones
    Outer yellow skin off
    Well cleaned and fresh
    Moisture content is less than 3%
    No excess water
    Weight per piece is 35-55g
    Length per piece 12-15cm
TIANCHI TC-220 New Portable Ultrasound Machines
  • TIANCHI TC-220 New Portable Ultrasound Machines
  • TIANCHI TC-220 New Portable Ultrasound Machines

    Henan Tianchi is a manufacturer specializing in the production of portable ultrasound machines.The product TC ultrasonic system is derived from the latest generation of digital system structure and can provide high quality two-dimensional images.Compared with the traditional desktop and portable black-and-white b ultrasound,the handheld b ultrasound is more small and convenient.Animal b ultrasound is favored by livestock industry because it is easy to carry and has high accuracy.
    Company:Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd.
    Tel:+86-371-56788280 +86-18903712477
    what's app:tianchiydg

    Probe:3.5 MHz Mechanical sector
    Displayed Depth (mm):60—190
    Maximal detect depth(mm):≥140
    Blind area (mm):≤8
    Monitor size(inch):5.0 TFT-LCD
    Display modes:B,B+B,B+M,M
    Gray scales:256 levels
    Image multiplying factor:*1.0,*1.2,*1.5,*2.0
    Image storage:128-frame
    Measuring functions:Distance,circumference,area,heart rate,gestation age
    Battery capacity:2200mAh
    Mainframe power:13W at non-charging operation/25W at charging operation
    Adapter power consumption:45W
    Character display:case history number,age
    Faked color display:Gray,red,yellow,blue

    1)Service life:The service life of the device is 6 years.
    (1)Discard the device according to local law.
    (2)Do not discard it mixing with other household garbage.
    The manufacturer shall not assume the responsibility of risks caused by using the device beyond its service life.
    (1)Check the device power cord and probe cable and waterproof cover,if find any damages or breakages,do not use the device and replace the broken one immediately.
    (2)Check whether the probe and main unit are connected rightly.
    (3)Check the adapter EPS regularly,when the supply voltage exceeds specified accommodation limit (AC100V-240V±10%,50/60Hz),do not supply the main unit or charge the battery with adapter.
    (4)Check the adapter power cord and probe cable,if find any damages or breakages,replace the broken one immediately.
    (5)Adapter is the dedicated power of the device,it adopts omniseal insulation design,do not replace it with other adapters or attempt to open it in case there be any hazard.

    We assumes the responsibility for device security,reliability and performance only under the preconditions that the disassembly,assembly and maintenance of the device are all performed by its assigned professionals and the device is used strictly in compliance with the operation manual.
    We provides warranty to the original purchasers that this product will be free from defects in material,components and workmanship for a period of 1.5 years from the date of purchase (invoice date).If the product(s) is(are) defective,the purchaser may return this unit(s) to us for repair or replacement with a new one.The liability of us under this limited product warranty does not extend to any misuse or abuse.Any evidence of tampering will nullify the warranty.
    This warranty is only available for failures occurred when the device is operated in compliance with the operation manual.And the guaranteed device can only be used in the prescribed range given in manual.
    This guarantee excludes losses or damages caused by external reasons such as thunder struck,earthquake,theft,unsuitable use or abuse and refitting the device.
    We shall not be responsible for losses,damages or injuries caused by delayed service requests.
    When there are problems with the products,please contact us.Tell the device model,serial number,date of purchase and the problem.

    Portable ultrasound machines is a kind of ultrasonic imaging method,which uses B ultrasound probe to transmit ultrasonic waves,at the same time receiving the ultrasonic that reflected by various tissues and displayed on a specific display to form an image.The animal b ultrasound producted by Tianchi has obvious imaging,and there is no excessive clutter interference,people can use it without special operation training,it is convenient and accurate.

    TIANCHI TC-220 New Portable Ultrasound Machines
Holstein heifers,Alpine ,Nubian ,saneen,Boer goats
  • Holstein heifers,Alpine ,Nubian ,saneen,Boer goats
  • We supply the best quality Boer Goats , Sheep & beef slaughter and fattening bulls, beef carcass meat, pregnant heifers and dairy cows as well as customers special orders based on the current market demand in each country.

    We supply live sheep , & Live Goats , & cattle ( steers and cows), calf ( young ) for the best price you can find

    -Top quality Live Sheep, Goats and Cattle ( Steer, Cows & Calf).
    -All wights are available.
    -We can supply any required quantity.
    -Competitive prices.
    -All relevant certificates available.
    -Shipping threw Land Sea & Air is available in very good prices.
    -Top quality Live Sheep, Goats and Cattle ( Steer, Cows & Calf).
    -All wights are available.
    -We can supply any required quantity.
    -Competitive prices.
    -All relavant certificates available.
    -Shipping threw Land Sea & Air is available in very good prices.

    We have 100% Full Blood Boer Goats for Sale. We also have a cross section of saanens, anglo-nubians and a host of other breeds
    We supply Bucks/Does/Kids/Pregnant Goats/Boer goat semen
    We have a large selection of Boer Goat X, Pure Bred and Full Blood (registered) Does age between 6 months to 5 years old. Regularly vaccinated, wormed and feet trimmed.

    Live Lamb

    Average weight: 25-35 kg

    Age: 1 year

    Delivery time: 15-21 days

    Price per Boer Goat : Negotiable .

    SGS Certificate. Quarantine Certio

    Animals are in the best conditions, maintained in quarantine, ear-tagged, accompanied by all certificates

    Packaging Detail: export standarfication .

    Contact us for more information.
Top Quality Alfafa Hay
  • Top Quality Alfafa Hay
  • Top Quality Alfafa Hay, We have Alfafa Hay in bales in stocks. we deliver worldwide , and at very competitive prices in South Africa .
    Our firm is engaged in offering a wide range of animal feed such as meat bone meal,sunflower meal soyabean which is a distinct part of various dishes. Enriched with huge amount of protein, the offered food product is highly demanded in by the customers. We are supported by dexterous food experts who check its quality and hygiene before delivering to the clients so as to ensure optimum client-satisfaction. Offered product is hygienically processed and offered to the clients with assurance of timely delivery
    Type : Hay
    Grade: High Grade
    Variety : Alfafa Hay
    Ucolor : green
    Protein : 16% mim
    Fiber : 30 % max
    Moisture : 13 % max
    Ash :13 % max
    Fat : 2% max
    Weed : 1 % - 2%
    Admixture:1 % - 2%
    Weight : 50 kilos and up
    Packing:Bales 40x40x60cm 25kg, 40x40x80cm 35kg or According to buyers requirement
Chicken Eggs
  • Chicken Eggs
  • Do you need chicken eggs?

    AGRARIAN CENTER, a big Ukrainian Agricultural Company provides supplies of chicken eggs originated from Ukraine to the countries of CIS, EU, near abroad and far reaches of the world.

    Origin - Ukraine!

    We offer you a long-term and reliable cooperation!

    For further details, sending presentation and specification, please contact me by any way convenient for you: Skype, phone-fax, e-mail or visit our office -- Khreshchatyk St., 7/11, Kyiv, Ukraine!

    Olga Todorova
    Global Trade Manager
    Office: +380442788670
    WhatsApp: +380671898070
    Skype: tanya_biz
    Call us just now 24/7!
Healthy Live sheep , goats & cows
  • Healthy Live sheep , goats & cows
  • we supply live sheep , & live goats , & cattle ( steers and cows), calf ( young ) for the best price you can find !
    -top quality live sheep, goats and cattle ( steer, cows & calf).
    -all wights are available.
    -we can supply any required quantity.
    -competitive prices.
    -all relevant certificates available.
    -shipping threw land sea & air is available in very good prices.
Poultry Slaughterhouse
  • Poultry Slaughterhouse
  • Semi-Automatic Poultry Slaughterhouse 500 Bird Per Hour . Made of high quality stainless steel 304 Food Grade corrosion resistant. Unique design and high quality . Proudly made in Egypt.

    to watch how it works :

    YouTube Video ;

    for any inquiry :

    whats app : +20 106 873 7711

    #poultry slaughterhouse
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