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Teff Grains For Sale
  • Teff Grains For Sale
  • Here's a simple method to recollect teff: it's the littlest grain of all, and the fundamental fixing in Ethiopian Injera bread. It's one of the most elevated protein grains close by amaranth. A quarter cup of uncooked teff is 180 calories, 37 grams of carbs, 4 grams dietary fiber, and 7 grams protein.It's without gluten, and a magnificent wellspring of iron and magnesium. It's likewise a strong wellspring of fiber, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, thiamin, and nutrient B6, and can give more than 100 percent of every day estimation of manganese.

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Buckwheat For Sale
  • Buckwheat For Sale
  • This without gluten entire grain is commonly eaten as oat (kasha), utilized in Japanese noodles (soba noodles) and in granola, flapjacks, or crepes. It contains cell reinforcements that are related with the avoidance of malignant growth and coronary illness. It's likewise high in dissolvable fiber: not all the grain is absorbable, which may help improve blood cholesterol and oversee blood glucose.A quarter cup uncooked is 160 calories, 34 grams of sugars, 5 grams of dietary fiber, and 5 grams of protein. It's additionally high in magnesium, copper, and manganese.

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Amaranth Grains For Sale
  • Amaranth Grains For Sale
  • Amaranth is a little measured, without gluten entire grain from Mexico. The protein substance of amaranth ranges from 14 percent to 15 percent and is higher than both buckwheat and rye. It has phytochemicals and is high in magnesium, manganese, and phosphorous. A quarter cup of uncooked amaranth is 200 calories, 37 grams of sugars, 6 grams dietary fiber, and 7 grams protein.

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Whole Barley For Sale
  • Whole Barley For Sale
  • Barley is customarily served in soups, plates of mixed greens, grain bowls, and the sky is the limit from there. It contains a higher measure of dietary fiber than any of the other grain, in addition to it has a variety of phytochemicals and the solvent fiber beta-glucan. These cancer prevention agents may assist with decreasing awful cholesterol and fabricate insusceptibility. A quarter cup of uncooked hulled grain is 160 calories, 34 grams of sugars, 8 grams dietary fiber, and 6 grams protein. It's likewise high in manganese, selenium, and thiamine (a B nutrient).

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Quinoa Grains For Sale
  • Quinoa Grains For Sale
  • This South American grain commonly cooks in only 15 minutes, which makes it a much-adored element for the individuals who supper prep. Quinoa is very nutritious, as well: it's a wellspring of complete vegetable protein since it contains all fundamental amino acids.It likewise contains less starches and more protein in contrast with different grains. Quinoa is additionally high in magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and folic acid.A quarter cup uncooked is 170 calories, 29 grams of starches, 3 grams fiber, and 6 grams protein.

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  • € 400.00
Soybeans grade
  • Soybeans grade

    Origin: Sub-Saharan Africa
    Loading Port: Mombasa, Kenya

    USD $140 per metric ton FOB.

    Commodity: Soya Beans grade AA
    Particle Size: 80-120 meshes
    Type: Fit for human consumption
    GMO or Non-GMO: 100% Non-GMO
    Free from insects and moulds
    Style: Dried
    Drying Process: AD
    Shelf Life: 2 year
    Size: 6 - 9mm UP
    Color: Yellow
    Protein: 40% Min
    Foreign matters: 2% max
    Splits: 20% max
    Heat damage: 0.5% max
    Total damage: 3% max
    Protein: Minimum 34 PCT
    Oil: 21.3% Basis, 18.05% min
    Fumigation: included
    Fat: Max 2.5%
    Moistiure: Max 12.5 %
    Fibre: Max 4.5 %
    Ureasic activity: 0.02 to 0.20 MGNG Min at 30 degrees by EEC Methods
    Reciprocal allowances: 1:1
    Koh: min 78%
    Aflatoxin: Max 50 PPB
    Sand/Silica: Max 1.5 %
    Arsenic compound: minimum 1 ppm
    Mercuric compound: not found, zero
    Phosphides: maximium 0.05 PPM
    Cyanids: maximum 5 PPM
    Malathion: maximum 3 PPM parts per million
    Ethylens Debromide EDB: less than 10 PPB

    - Bank TT Transfer
    - Payment of 50% advance deposit against Purchase Contract signing and Proforma Invoice, which will be used to prepare the order.
    - Payment of the remaining 50% balance is after delivery.

    2.) SUPPLY CAPACITY: 40,000 – 60,000 metric tons per month
    3.) PACKAGING: 25/50kg bags
    4.) INSPECTION: Quantity, Quality and weight by BUREAU VERITAS or SGS

    - Delivery Time: Average of 12 - 15 Days after loading.

    PACKING DETAILS: Our Soya Beans is offered in different packing as per buyer's requirement
    - Package:
    25kgs and 50kgs in PP/Jute.
    - Quantity Per container:
    20ft container = 25 MT
    40ft container = 50 MT

    * If you are ready please send us your consignee details listed below; in order for us to prepare your Purchase Contract and ProForma Invoice.
    After receipt of payment we shall immediately move forward to pack and ship your goods.

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    - Company Address: ............................?
    - Phone Number:...............?
    - Representative Name:..................?
    - Product Name:……………..?
    - Product Quantity: ............?
    - Packing Preference:…...?
    - Discharge Port (City, Country):……………....?

    We look forward to establishing and strengthening our business relationship with you.
    Thank you and have a blessed day.
  • € 130.00
SPLIT PEAS (yellow, green)
  • SPLIT PEAS (yellow, green)
  • AGRARIAN CENTER provides supplies of PEAS to the Europe, CIS and the Arab world.
    Kind: yellow, green, shelled, chipped.
    Description: dried, hulled.
    Quality parameters: GOST 6201-68.

    Packaging in p/p bags: 25 kg; 50 kg.
    Country of origin: Ukraine.
    Minimum order: 100 MT (4 containers).
    Trial order: 25 MT (1 container).
    Quantity in the container (20f): 25 МТ.
    Terms of delivery: FCA; CIF; CPT.

    Office: +380442788670
    WhatsApp1: +380671898070
    WhatsApp2: +380966338090
  • md/ceo
  • We,Lucksomeplus International Limited an international trade outfit registered under the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission and allied matters act of the federal republic of Nigeria, are manufacturers and exporters of botanical extracts and herbal extracts.
    we can supply almost all sorts of standardized herbal seeds and extracts,which can meet the different needs of pharmaceutical and healthcare industries both domestic and abroad.We also supply Garcinia Kola (Bitter Kola), Gum Arabic,Soya Beans, Sesame Seeds,Eurycoma Seeds,Irvingia seeds and ethnic foods from Nigeria.
    We look forward to a mutually profitable business
    We shall package according to your demand and our price and payment terms will be communicated to you as soon we get your reply.
    Best Regards,
    Lucky I. Chinakwe.
    MD/CEO Lucksomeplus International Limited.
    Port Harcourt, Rivers-State
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