Dear Sir/Madam,

We are ZISTA Group of companies, a professional and global supplier of Natural Bitumen (Gilsonite) for a number of applications.

We have been supplying Gilsonite since 2008 to several countries including China, EU, Thailand, GCC countries, Pakistan and many others.

We are in position to supply different grades of Gilsonite for different applications as below:

Application Offered Grade
Oil Based Drilling Fluid Additive NB-OI 210
Oil Well Cementing NB-OI 100
Asphalt Binder NB-BA 410
Bitumen Blending NB-BA 310
Bituminous Membrane Filler NB-BA 420
Foundry Sand NB-FS 500
Ink Industry NB-IP 600

Our Supply of Gilsonite can be Lumps, Granules or 200 Mesh powder which is packed either in Jumbo Bags or 25 kg Paper/Meltable PP bags.

Please inform us of your application so we can provide the technical details and propose the suitable grade for your usage.

In addition Zista Group has local representatives in several countries and areas around the world to provide a first hand and face to face technical/commercial support to our esteemed clients. Please check this section of our website to locate your possible agent if needed:

We shall await to receive your genuine inquiry in order to advance to a long term mutual business,

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further discussions.
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