Heineken Beer/Red Bull Energy Drink/Aptamil milk

we are premium suppliers of quality Aptamil and Nutrilon baby milk of all stages.Both origins from Germany, Netherlands which is the best choice in the market and

Heineken beer 330ml
We would like to inform you that we have the possibility to provide
your company with Heineken beer Drink in large capacity

Product Description:
Product: Aptamil Milk Powder
Stock Locations: Germany
Inspection: SGS / Other
Delivery lead time: 3- 5 days maximum after payment

We shall be looking forward to establish a long term business relationship with you in good faith and trustworthiness and will be capable to supply you premium quality Aptamil milk powder regularly with specifications that will meet your market demands

Product size crts/pallet
Budvar btls 24x33cl 5,0% 24x33cl 45
Budvar btls 20x50cl 5,0% 20x50cl 45
Budweiser btls 24x33cl 5,0% 24x33cl 54
Pilsner Urquell 4,4% 24x33cl btls 54
Carlsberg Green LN bottle 5,0% 4x6xx33cl 54
Carlsberg Green Label cans 24x50cl 5,0% 24x50cl 72
Carlsberg Green Label .cans 24/33cl. 5,0% shrink wrapped 24x33cl 99
Carlsberg Green Label .cans 4x6x33cl. 5,0% shrink wrapped 4x6x33cl 99
TUBORG Green L.N. bottle 4.6% 24/33cl 24x33cl btls 45
TUBORG Green Lbl cans 4.6% 24/33cl shrink wrapped 24x33cl cans 99
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