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resellers, agents or intermediaries to expand the business and direct sales stores. If you own a store or a discount, you can enrich your offer with an excellent natural product. Our oil can also be used preventively for medical purposes.

Company profile:

The beginnings of the Oil Factory date back to 1750, which makes this oil factory the oldest one in Slovenia, and possibly in Europe too. We manufacture and sell high quality edible oils, produced in traditional ways.Our pumpkin seed oil is not refined before it is bottled, but only filtered in a natural way through the deposition of small fragments at the bottom of the decanting barrels. Tradition and small secrets in the processing of pumpkin seeds are passed on from one generation to another, thus giving origin to an excellent pumpkin seed oil.

About the product

Pumpkin Seed Oil
Brand name: ProstateBull

- 100% cold pressed extraction, natural product
- No chemical solvents or other additives,contain biologically valuable fatty acids, Omega 3,6
-Rich source of minerals, especially zinc, which has outstanding regenerative properties
-Pumpkin seed oil is rich in vitamins A, C, E and B-category vitamins

Pumpkin Seed Oil - ProstateBull
Bottle 1x250 ml

Wholesale price by agreement!

Buy More, Save More!

1 Palette about 1500 pcs

The price is negotiables!

Country: Slovenia
Delivery Time: 30-60 Days large orders, 1-3 days small orders
-Reducing the cholesterol level and optimizing blood pressure. Best health benefits of pumpkin against prostate cancer.
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