Air/Sea Cargo Consolidation.

We have the pleasure to introduce CONFIDENCE CARGO LIMITED and its services to your esteemed establishment,as an integrated Import and Export freight forwarding firm offering excellent solutions to freight and cargo handling requirements ,through a network of internationally renowned cargo strategic partners, sparring the entire globe.
CONFIDENCE CARGO LIMITED,a vibrant custom licensed airbound/sea bound export freight firm,reputable for optimum guarantee of quality service and “O” down time delivery of consignments. Our core speciality is providing “TOP OF THE RANGE” cargo service delivery via inbound air freight,export of produce,cargo and equipments,specifically in the field of door to door, domestic customs management, inland distribution and warehousing.
Our proven pedigree coupled with seasoned professionals with cognate experience in freight forwarding ,ensures cost effectiveness, speedy clearance,on time perfection of documentations, safe and timely delivery of consignments.
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