Royal forklift 2.5 ton diesel forklift truck RY

Lifting Capacity: 2000-2500 KGS
Power Type: Diesel
Engine: Japanese Engine, Chinese Engine
Certificate: CE & ISO

Suspension Chassis & Suspension Engine : low vibration & noise
Right Positioned Operating Handler: decrease tiredness of arm and shoulder
Suspension Foot Brake Pedal: increase brake effort and safety
New Shape Tube Of Overhead Guard: Enclose the cabin better
New Hand Brake With Button Design: Save effort and increase safety
24 Degree Cone Shape Hydraulic Pipe: Stand more pressure
Unique Radiator Design: Easy to maintain and service
Excellent Cooling System
Reliable Hydraulic system
(For more details, pls contact us)

Japanese Engine: Mitsubishi S4S (Isuzu C240/Yanmar98 available)
2 Stage Wide View 3M Mast
Fork Length: 1070 mm
Tyre: USA Carlisle Pneumatic Tyre
Hydraulic Transmission: TCM technology hydraulic transmission
Hydraulic Pump & Control Valve: Japanese Brand Shimadzu
Copper Radiator
Toyota Style Seat With Safety Belt & File Holder
LED Lights
USA Dupont Iced Blue Paint
Buzzer, Working Lights, Reverse Alarm Lights.etc.
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