3 in1 compact uncoiler & straightener feeder combi

Main Features :

1.Adopted specially treated straightening rollers ,especially suitable for stretching steel ,enhancing the procession precision.
2.The upper straightening roller part was designed to be open type ,easy to clean the mechanical part and finish maintence work.(optional part)
3.Electric straightening precision adjustment :it is easier to adjust by electric than by manual type.
4.Electric &electronic parts adopted EUROPEAN STANDARD products :better in safety ,stability, lifetime and so on.

Reference parameters :

Model :NCHW3-600B/800B/1000B/1300B
Width of Material (mm): 70-1300
Thickness of Material(mm): 1.0-6.0
Max.Coil.Weight (Kg): 5000-7000
Coil I.D(mm): 508
Coil O.D(mm): 1500
Feed Accuracy (mm): +/-0.15
Number of Feed rolls : 1
Back pressure roll : provided
Feed level (mm): customized +/-100
Power supply : 220VAC 60 HZ/AC380V 50HZ
Uncoile Expansion : Hydraulic
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