Ultrasound scanner

Portable RFID veterinary ultrasound machines Combined LF/UHF rfid metal tag for animal

Sonovet ID vet/animal ultrasound scanner,for pigs,poultry,poultry foot,sheep,cats,dogs,cattle

Main features of RFID veterinary ultrasound scanner Sonovet ID
1.6" color LCD
High-resolution PVC mirror ensures batter performance for waterproof and dustproof
Level 7 waterproof professional design
RFID technology built-in probe with an effective short distance of 8-13 cm
The panel and probe are designed with double freezing keys to provide customers with more convenient
It is designed strictly according to the international standard software of animal eat tag system to freely input and output the data
Large-capacity IF card can be built in with multiple language instructions
Software can be customized by clients’s need.
Exclusive Features of RFID vet ultrasound scanner
New modem appearance
RFID Reader composed
Level 7 waterproof probe
FREEZE key on probe
TF card allow data
Probe of RFID veterinary ultrasound scanner Sonovet ID
Professional design with 7 level waterproof
Negative pressure controlling is built in ensuring no air bubble generated while is working
RFID starting button on it
FREEZE key are designed both on keyboard and the probe

Other optional configuration probe image machine
2D/3D/4D probe
RFID veterinary ultrasound scanner Specifications
Display mode:B,B+B
Monitor:High resolution 6 inch color LCD
Probe:3.5~5.0 MHz Professional 7 level waterproof
Max depth:250mm
Gray level:256 levels
Measurements:distance,Circumference and vellum
Animal OB:
Battery:rechargeable Li,more than 3hrs
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