Investment casting

The term investment casting derives from the characteristic use of mobile ceramic slurries, or ‘investments’, to form moulds with extremely smooth surfaces. These are replicated from precise patterns and transmitted in turn to the castings. Although certain variants employ permanent patterns and multi-part moulds analogous to those used in sand casting, investment casting has become closely identified with the expendable pattern principle typified in the long-established investment casting process. In brief, disposable replicas of the required casting are formed by injecting molten wax into a die with the appropriately shaped cavity. The wax patterns are connected, singly or in groups, to a wax sprue and gating system and the whole is clothed in investment slurry. The wax is melted out and the investment consolidated by heating, leaving a hard ceramic mould to receive the molten metal. The mould is finally broken up to extract the solidified metal product.

Due to the investment casting advantages, we can make lots of precision parts, see investment casting vs sand casting...
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