Torpedo Heating Stations

Remso Control Technologies is manufacturer and exporter of Torpedo Heating Stations. Delivering to the markets successfully in large quantities and with real optimization and quality assurance. Designed especially for the heating of torpedo’s with actual flow rate of burner which produces direct flame to ensure uniform distribution throughout the area. The burner features a wide operating window having flame stability from slightly reducing through high excess air operation for meeting or exceeding most refractory dry-out cycle specifications.

• Simple Structure
• Long Service Life
• Wide Application
• Optimized BOM
• Quality Material

High end in house manufacturing process from Remso Control Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for Ladle Pre heaters which is having Dual Jet Burner System generally can use a variety of control techniques to monitor cold air and natural gas combustion and the heat-up, soak and dry-out cycles. Two angled, offset, high-velocity burner heads direct the flames and hot gases to the extreme ends of the car or enclosure while producing circulation patterns for optimum drying, heating and cycle control. Remso supplies an optional free-standing, pre-piped and pre-wired rack containing the regulators, controller, flame monitoring equipment, fan, valves, components and piping with quality assured materials.
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