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Kapur Decking
  • Kapur Decking
  • Kapur Decking
    Size 25x145mm
    Length 8-16 feet
    Quality Standard and better KD
    Price per m3 FOB Semarang
  • Lumber
  • We offer for sale lumber for construction and furniture production
  • We are Largest Onyx, Marble Stone, WOODEN and Salt Cremation urns, Ash urns, Funeral urns, Pet urns, Vases, Marker and Nameplate in the WORLD.

    We also manufactured as per your specification and requirements.

    If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

    Thanks & regards
    Afzal Muhammad
  • € 14.00
Bamboo Preservative CCB
  • Bamboo Preservative CCB
  • Copper chrome Boron (CCB) is one of the best alternatives to CCA wood preservative.
    CCB is approved by American wood preservers association and confirms to IS 10013-Part III (1981).
    Our wood preservative CCB type is tested by National Test House, Kolkata
    CCB is fix type water borne wood preservative which provides fine protection to various wood damaging insects and factors.
    CCB is used in vacuum pressure method for best results.
    CCB is very effective against wood borers, fungi, decay, marine orgasms and termites and protects wood for a long time which is highly exposed and is in ground contact.
    CCB is safe to human being.
    CCB is suited for exterior use where as Boric Acid treatment is suitable only for interior use.
    Due to its high leach ability boric acid retains the natural color of the wood where as CCA gives an undesirable greenish yellow color to the wood.
    The preservation is generally carried out by impregnation under pressure and vacuum in cylindrical chambers. In vacuum pressure process the timber is subjected to an initial vacuum followed by pressure treatment and a final vacuum. It is ideal for deeping process also.
Wood Preservative Glyborate base
  • Wood Preservative Glyborate base
  • Indiboromax is borate and glycol base new generation wood/bamboo preservative.
    Indiboromax contains borates which is natural base materials and is stomach poison for wood damaging insects and fungi..
    Borates are well known as stomach poisons that control wood damaging insects poisoning them when they ingest them. Additionally glycols offer wide spectrum application to the wood whether it is fresh or old one.
    Indiboromax active ingredient is disodium octoborate tetra hydrate which can be applied to wood by injection or spray. It creates protective layer of chemicals to wood which prevents and cures wood damaging factors. Chemical in Indiboromax penetrates the wood with its depth of final penetration depending on factors such as wood moisture content and wood density. The glycols are intended to enhance the penetration of Indiboromax in wood.

    Long Lasting Protection

    Borates are inorganic. This means that they will not degrade over time. As long as it is protected from moving moisture such as running water, the borate in Indiboromax will remain in place on and inside the treated wood for a very long period. And continue to protect it from insect and fungi attack for as long as it is in service

Wood Decking Oil
  • Wood Decking Oil
  • Ideal decking oil must meet the challenges made by natural deterioration of wood due to natural atmospheric changes, temperature variations, changes in moisture contents, mould and fungal attacks and ability for water repellency.
    Also it must have destructive UV rays absorption properties.


    NARSO Decking oil is specially formulated to enhance natural beauty of decks and exterior wooden furniture; It is ideal solution for exterior deck and furniture protection and maintenance.

    NARSO decking oil contains specially filtered natural vegetable oils and resins. For best results it is added with advanced UV rays absorption additives, anti mold and fungus additives and water repellent additives. NARSO decking oil is penetrating and hardening decking oil.

    Uses – Decking, garden furniture, and exterior wood. Virtually it is ideal for any type of wood

  • € 8.00
Chaoyang Runxing Heavy Machinery Bearing Factory
  • Chaoyang Runxing Heavy Machinery Bearing Factory
  • Chaoyang Runxing Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Plant was established in 2005.The factory area is located in Quanzi South Village, Longquan Street, Chaoyang Development Zone.Covering an area of 10,000 square meters, the company has 30 employees, including 3 senior titles, 5 intermediate titles and 10 professional and technical personnel.

    Our main products are babbitt bearings, bearing bushings and plain bearings.The products cover construction machinery, heavy machinery, electric power, metallurgy, mining and other machinery manufacturing enterprises, not only equipped with equipment of Chinese electromechanical enterprises, but also exported to Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.Our factory has independent alloy casting technology and processing technology as well as a reliable quality assurance system.Under the trust of users, products occupy a place in the same industry.In 2018, we invested 10 million yuan to purchase a hobbing machine with a maximum diameter of 8 meters and an 8-meter vertical car to meet customer needs and reduce costs.

    I plant adhering to the short cycle, high quality, preferential product prices and sincere service attitude and dedication to provide users with timely and thoughtful service.
GLULAM timber prefab homes sets from RUSSIA
  • GLULAM timber prefab homes sets from RUSSIA
    **Dear client & customer of wooden prefabricated housing structures, please notice our present business proposal of offering to you directly the original certified Russian Manufacturing capacity of all types Cylinder Log @200 USD/ & Glue-laminated Timber @460 USD/ OR PLANED STRUCTURAL GLULAM BEAM/GIRDER @500 USD/ (or even DRY massive timber @ cheaper cost of 300 USD/ of Walls Set Completion in a Wooden Houses’ Prefab Kits Design-Project (shipment sets of construction materials) & RUN.MTR semi-fabricated sawn LUMBER (dry & natural-moisture board) @250 USD/ or even DECOR MOLDING/TRIM S4S (surfaced 4-side) dry planed facing lumber-board @300 USD/ :: as a complete industrial production made from best technical northern softwood species of Russia (pine, spruce, larch, cedar) affordable instantly @ lower retail prices worldwide. Ready-made design project models of different architect types’ wooden houses are to be shipped at your order destination in duly-packed transportation sets of housing structural materials (as by standard sea-cargo 40ft container load) per a regular commercial contract on the prepayment/advance settlement basis by Buyer as directly been sent & received from Russia only. **Please contact us anytime by e-mailing request to ( or calling directly Moscow, Russia +7926-444-4862 (English only) to determine all your retail consumer’s needs & to see through our varied design project catalogs of the wooden house models..
BEST QUALITY Double A A4 copy paper for sale
  • BEST QUALITY Double A A4 copy paper for sale
  • Hello Sir/Madam
    We will like to say thank you for visiting our company profile .
    We are direct manufacturer and trading company known for the supply of best quality A4 copy .
    Our company is"ISO certified" .we operate with 100% return policy and delivery is 100% assured

    Our company has achieved a remarkable position in this competitive industry by endlessly making the delivery of customer suggested and best quality products in the market. Our assurance to deliver products on time has helped us in garnering huge support of the clients based all across the country.Reason behind the success of our company:

    Large distribution network
    Huge product line
    Market leading prices
    Dexterous professionals
    State-of-the-art infrastructure
    Quality tested products
    Prompt deliveries.


    Substance: 70g, 75g, 80g / m2
    Sheet Size: 210mm x 297mm, International Size A4
    Quality: Imported 100% Virgin Wood Pulp
    Brightness: 102%-104%(class A)
    Capability: High Speed Copying 100ppm, Laser
    Capable, Inkjet Capable, Fax Capable.
    Thickness: 103-110 um
    Surface roughness TS ml/min: 75-175
    Surface roughness BS ml/min: 100-200
    Bending stiffness MD: >110 Mn
    Bending stiffness CD: >50 Mn
    CIE whiteness: 167
    Cobb Test: 27-33 g/m2 27-33


    No jam in photocopy machine
    No double feed
    Stay flat after copying
    Leave no dust in the copy-machine
    Nice appearance -white and clean
    Nice tough-smooth and bulky
    No see through-print both
    Been developed for: photocopy Machines,Laser Printers,Ink-jet
    Printers,Fax Machines

    Features and Benefits:
    1. Smooth paper surface makes sharp printing and copying.
    2. Two-sided usage gives the paper sheet high opacity.
    3. Bright Appearance gives high print contrast to the printing.
    4. Sharp cutting edges prolongs performance of copying machine.
    5. Anti-curl quality reduces paper jams in the copier.
    6. Low dust content minimizes copier running cost.
    7. 500 sheets guarantee in Each Pack

    Competitive Advantages
    Well and High Quality Control ,
    Prompt Delivery ,
    New Product ,
    Customer's Design and Logo are Welcome ,
    Competitive Prices ,
    Earth-friendly Products ,
    Small Order Acceptable ,
    OEM Accepted

    500 Sheets per Ream
    5 Reams per Box
    1560 Boxes per container(With Pallet)
    1600 Boxes Per container( Without Pallet)
    7800 Reams Total in one 20FCL( With Pallet
BETA 3100
  • BETA 3100
  • BETA 3100 hydraulic guillotine cutter for veneer model 3100 year 2018
    complete with rear electric register and green cut light made in italy
    new design
Oak massive parquet
  • Oak massive parquet
  • Oak massive parquet with dimensions :
    - 400mm - 1200mm - x 90mm x 16mm First quality.
    -400mm - 1200mm - x 120mm x 18mm First quality.

    EVROFOREST MMO LTD is a long-term producer of parquet for the domestic and foreign market.
    Contact: or email (
Webpage Konetyo Metsa Ky  Finland
  • Webpage Konetyo Metsa Ky Finland
  • Webpage Konetyo Metsa Ky Finland

    Konetyö Ky Forest is a forest services company produces professionally.
    Our products include: Sale Log houses, forest thinning, Forestry, pellets, firewood, Wood briquettes, Chainsaw Accessories , Onlineshop
Quality Pine, Spruce & Oak wood Pellets....
  • Quality Pine, Spruce & Oak wood Pellets....
  • Our Pellets are produced in compliance with the Wood Pellets quality standards. We confirm we can supply you with Quality Ecological wood pellets.Below is our specification for the 3 different wood types we supply::

    premium: € 125

    Type of wood: 100% Spruce
    Norm: A1
    Diameter: 6 ± 1mm
    Ash content: 0.5% – 0,7%
    Caloric value: 4,9 – 5,3kWh/kg
    Humidity: < 10%
    Length : 3,15 – 40mm
    Available packages: 15 kg | 1000 kg

    Excellent:€ 115

    Type of wood: 100% oak
    Norm: A1
    Density ≥ 0,65kg/dm³
    Diameter: 6 ± 1mm
    Ash content: ≤ 0,7%
    Caloric value: >17,5 MJ/kg
    Humidity: < 7%
    Length : 3,15 – 40mm
    Available packages: 15 kg | 1000 kg


    Type of wood: 100% Pine
    Norm: A1
    Diameter: 6 ± 1mm
    Ash content: 0.5% – 0,7%
    Caloric value: 4,9 – 5,3kWh/kg
    Humidity: < 10%
    Length : 3,15 – 40mm
    Available packages: 15 kg | 1000 kg
  • € 130.00
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