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  • Standard Accessories:
    Y axis travel 41.73” (1060mm)
    19” Color LCD
    2 Pallet Changer
    Milling spindle motor AC37KW(50HP)
    Milling spindle speed 10,000RPM
    40 Tool chain magazine
    Table C axis 0.0001 degree incr.
    B axis 0.0001 deg/cntring (Req. EIA/ISO)
    Spindle chiller unit
    Prep. For MAZAK monitoring SYS-B RMP600
    Scale feedback system (Z axis)
    Absolute positioning SYS (Linear axes)
    Manual Pulse Generator 1 (Detachable)
    Coolers for Ball screw (X/Y/Z axis)
    Roller guide
    Air thru mill-spindle SYS (Spindle stop)
    15KG thru clant/flood clat simul-flowable
    Preparation for chip conveyor (side)
    5 axis machining package
    MAZAK Tapping/boring tornado (EIA/ISO)
    Tool radius compensation/5 axis
    G37. Auto TLM (Laser Rot. Tool Meas. Req.)
    Add EIA/ISO Functions (Req. EIA/ISO)
    Tilted Working Plane
    Relocation Detector
Recycled products made from waste tires
  • Recycled products made from waste tires
  • ♻️We are manufacturing so many products made from recycled tyres included recycled rubber crumbs/granules, recycled rubber tiles/mats for playground/gym/fitness, reclaimed rubber with European quality and competitive price.

    ♻️Long Long Rubber Recycling Co., Ltd was established since July 2007 with 2 ultra-modern factories in Vinh Phuc and Soc Son-Vietnam. At the first factory, we invested all advanced equipment from European to solve and handle waste/old truck tyres to rubber crumbs/granules which will be input material for 2nd factory to produce reclaimed rubber.

    ♻️Our mission not only produced the highest quality products but also committed to the environment change.

  • € 11.00
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COVID-19 test kit made in China shows results in -
  • COVID-19 test kit made in China shows results in -
    This kit is for in vitro diagnostic use
    All specimens should be treated as capable of transmitting diseases. Use appropriate precautions in the collection, handling,storage and disposal of patient samples and used kit contents. And follow biosafety level 2 or higher guidelines.
    Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (e.g. gowns, gloves, eye protection) when handing the contents of this
    Proper specimen collection storage and transport are critical to the performance of this
    Discard after first use. The test cannot be used more than
    Do not touch the reaction area of test
    Do not use test kit beyond the expiration
    Do not use the kit if the pouch is punctured or not well
    Testing should be applied by professionally trained staff working in certified laboratories or clinics at which the sample(s) is taken by qualified medical
    The test result should be interpreted by the physician along with clinical findings and other laboratory test
    DISPOSAL OF THE DIAGNOSTIC: All specimens and the used-kit has the infectious risk. The process of disposing the diagnostic must follow the local infectious disposal law or laboratory
    COVID-19 Antibody Test (Lateral Flow Method) is based on the principle of capture immunoassay for determination of SARS-CoV-2 IgG/IgM antibodies in human whole blood, serum and plasma. When the specimen is added into the test device, the specimen is absorbed into the device by capillary action, mixes with the SARS-CoV-2 antigen-dye conjugate and flows across the pre-coated membrane.
    When the SARS-CoV-2 antibodies level in the specimen is at or above the target cutoff (the detection limit of the test), the antibodies bound to the antigen-dye conjugate are captured by anti-human IgG antibody and anti-human μ chain antibody immobilized in the Test Region (T) of the device, and this produces a colored test band that indicates a positive result. When the SARS-CoV-2 antibody level in the specimen is zero or below the target cutoff, there is not a visible colored band in the Test Region (T) of the device. This indicates a negative result.
    To serve as a procedure control, a colored line will appear at the Control Region (C), if the test has been performed properly.
  • € 30.00
China manufacturing Medical forehead thermometer-C
  • China manufacturing Medical forehead thermometer-C
  • Our companys forehead thermometer has the following characteristics::Efficient and safe,Results in 1 second,Simple and convenient operation,Fast and accurate,Have medical qualifications,For products that beat COVID-19.Welcome to inquire and purchase.
    Technical specifications
    Working environment: ambient temperature 16 ℃ -35 ℃, relative humidity: ≤85%
    Storage and transportation: -20 ℃ ± 55 ℃, relative humidity: ≤93% atmospheric pressure difference: 90kPa-106 kPa
    Memory function: automatic memory of 50 groups of data
    Automatic shutdown: ≤18s
    Product weight: 86g (excluding battery)
    Power supply voltage: DC3V
    Product Features
    Efficient and safe
    Results in 1 second
    Simple and convenient operation
    Fast and accurate
    Have medical qualifications
    For products that beat COVID-19
    WhatsApp:+86 13751169761
    WeChat:+86 13751169761
Sell N95 masks made in China in large quantities
  • Sell N95 masks made in China in large quantities
  • N95 Cup Mask (N95 Standard)
    Item No.:VIC951-(N95 standard)
    ITEM NO: VIC951 N95 Cup Mask (N95 Standard)
    1. Conforms to European EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP1 standards with CE 0086 marking. BSI CE Certificate number 70730
    2. With collapse resistant double shell construction made to withstand hot and humid conditions. OR Foldable design, seal edge avoids open layers and eliminates the possibility of irritation
    3. Low breathing resistance for increased wearer comfort
    4. Fringe seal avoids open layer around the edges
    5. Polypropylene (P.P.) outer/inner layers provides smooth lining and comfortable feel
    6. Contoured facial seal and latex-free head straps offer a comfortable secure fit
    7. Passed the dolomite clogging test
  • € 1.8
Large Supply Chinese Masks Medical Products
  • Large Supply Chinese Masks Medical Products
  • Disposable masks to protect your life safe,Professional medical staff masks with higher protection level.
    Product Features
    Humanized Design: magic hidden adjustable nose strips, with facial contours may be adjusted to avoid generation of voids.
    Ear wear: 70D high elastic elastic earband, no pressure, more comfortable to wear.
    Ultrasonic precision welding machine technology: no burrs, 3D three-dimensional cutting design, beautiful three-dimensional.
    Add soft inner layer for comfort, white inner layer, clean and simple.
  • € 0.5
Recycled rubber mats for gym flooring
  • Recycled rubber mats for gym flooring
  • Thick gym mats – recycled rubber flooring are popular used nowadays due to high level of shock absorption, soundproof, waterproof and durable for the projects.

    Long Long is the leading rubber gym mat manufacturer and a professional installer with more than 1000+ gym and playground projects in Vietnam and worldwide.
    This thick gym mats – recycled rubber flooring is made 100% from rubber crumbs/granules waste truck tires with different thicknesses and colors.

    Size: 500x500mm, 1000x1000mm
    Thickness: 15mm-50mm
    Color chart: black, yellow, blue, orange, green, grey, red.

    If you need consultation for your project, kindly contact our customer service team for further discussion and receive free sample.
  • € 7.00
Whole tire reclaimed rubber in sheet form
  • Whole tire reclaimed rubber in sheet form
  • Whole tire reclaimed rubber is popular used in so many industries to minimize production cost and protect the environment. Reclaimed rubber has various applications such as: producing mechanical rubber goods, footwear, matting, belting producing, sound reduction, tyre industry...etc.

    Place of Origin: Vietnam
    Brand Name: Long Long
    Model Number: R04
    Material: 100% Recycled Rubber Granules from Truck Tires
    Color: Black
    Unit weight: 10kg/sheet
    Size per sheet: 75x45x5cm
    mell grade: Environment-friendly
    Grade: Fine grade
    Certificate: ISO
    Application: Hose, Belt, Conveyor belt, Shoe, Tyre industry
    Supply Ability: 300-400 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
    Port: Hai Phong Port
  • € 420.00
SBR recycled rubber crumbs/powder from waste tyres
  • SBR recycled rubber crumbs/powder from waste tyres
  • Long Long is the leading rubber recycling manufacturer in Vietnam, rubber crumbs/powder is one of our main products. Crumbs/Powder are made 100% from truck tires granules, don’t mix with the other, steel or textile.

    Main Size: 30mesh, 40mesh, 0-1mm, 1-3mm, 3-6mm or customized
    Applications: Noise/Sound reduction, Tyres production
    Color: Black
    Certificate: MSDS, ISO9001:2015
    Packaging Details: 1 ton big bag or 500kg big bag
    Port: Hai Phong Port
  • € 170.00
Large recycled rubber mats for outdoor flooring
  • Large recycled rubber mats for outdoor flooring
  • Large recycled rubber mats for outdoor flooring can install for gym playground or garden project, recycled rubber mats are good at UV-resistance and durable.

    We suggest to use thickness from 40mm for large recycled rubber mats for outdoor flooring to ensure the durable, long-life span of the project. Rubber mats are popular installed for both indoor and outdoor flooring due to good features:

    Weather resistance
    Sound insulation

    Recycled rubber mats are 100% made from waste/old truck tires with various colors, thickness and 2 main sizes:

    Thickness: 15mm – 50mm
    Size: 500x500mm, 1000x1000mm

    We have 2 modern factories in Hanoi, Vietnam invested with advanced technology from European to solve/handle waste truck tires and produce high quality recycled rubber mats. We always welcome business partners to visit and work with us at factory.

    If you have playground or gym projects, kindly contact our customer service to request for free samples of large recycled rubber mats for outdoor flooring.
  • € 7.00
GREENMAX M-C200 foam densifier machine
  • GREENMAX M-C200 foam densifier machine
  • EPS recycling through GREENMAX MARS C200 foam densifier is divided into two processes: crushing and melting. The crushing is to make the bulky EPS waste into small countless pieces and the melting is to make these EPS pieces into melted ingots. The EPS ingots will be put into a steel container for cooling and shaping, stored for granulation and then made into other plastic products, to finish the close-loop of EPS recycling.

    After the whole process, the melted EPS can then be easily transported to the required factories for remolding into new EPS products.

    Global manager: Lucy Shen (Ms)
    Phone: +19099060333
    Email: Lucy.shen@intco.com
    Address: 12345 Mountain Ave.#N298,Chino,CA 91710,USA

    For more information go to:
GREENMAX Z-C200 foam compactor machine
  • GREENMAX Z-C200 foam compactor machine
  • GREENMAX ZEUS C200 foam compactor could prevent the compacted EPS, PE foam and other foam materials from scattering.

    Surface Melting Technology makes the outside of the block rock like a stone; Screw compression technology produces continuous logs at a ratio of 50:1; Mechanical Compression Technology, Safe, No fumes, Lower Consumption; Siemens Control System makes the operation easy and simple.

    Technical data:
    Throughput: 200kg/h
    Screw Reduction Ratio: 50:1
    Compressed EPS&EPE Density: 200-400kg/m3
    Total Power Consumption: 26.05kw

    Global manager: Lucy Shen (Ms)
    Phone: +19099060333
    Email: Lucy.shen@intco.com
    Address: 12345 Mountain Ave.#N298,Chino,CA 91710,USA

    For more information go to:
Precision Casting Building Hardware by JYG Casting
  • Precision Casting Building Hardware by JYG Casting
  • Shandong Jingyanggang Metal Equipment Co., Ltd. (Shandong JYG Precision Casting) has been specialized in precision investment casting for over ten years. So we have a production line for shell mold casting. We can make any products the customers design. The maximum weight we can cast is 100kg while the maximum size is 100cmx20cmx350cm. The surface finish ranges from Ra3.2-6.2. Stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, carbon steel, heat-resistant steel, and alloy steel are among our main materials. Our product range is versatile, covering auto parts, machinery parts, marine hardware, construction hardware, pump & valve components ...you design it; we make it! We have a strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place and an experienced, highly skilled technical team that are committed to innovation and upgrade to our casting operation for many years. Besides we have a well-equipped in-house laboratory to monitor the production from materials to finished products.
Surgical Disposable Face Masks, Surgical Face Mask
  • Surgical Disposable Face Masks, Surgical Face Mask
  • 3-Ply Disposable Ear-loop Face Masks are designed with highly durable materials that provide maximal comfort and strength when in use. Strong and durable ear-loops offer the versatility and functionality to minimize product malfunctions and waste.

    Our premium breathable material does not obstruct normal breathes and utilizes various fabric weavings to prevent penetration from air pollutants and agents.
Precision cold forged and Machined Parts
  • Precision cold forged and Machined Parts
  • Shining Jins Enterprise Co., Ltd. supplies a wide variety of precision, high quality cold forged and machined parts to the automotive industry. Using the latest in forging technology, we currently have the capacity to produce more than ten million cold forged parts per year.
    To provide additional value to our customers, we also have the capability to provide finished, machined parts, or semi-machined parts, after the cold forging process.

    Our production capacity :-
    General industrial applications forging and cold-forming metal parts
    Seamless Pipe series products and polygon cutting machining process
    Various thread forming and rolling machining
    Automobile and Motorcycle cold forging parts
    Headed rivet, plug bolt and pin for casters
    Shafts & special-headed metal parts
    Custom made cold forged fasteners
    Cold forging loud-Speaker parts
    Forged and Turned metal parts
    Forged Fitting Adapters
    Roller and collar pipe
    Engineering component
    Power Tools parts

    Please note that with effect from 10th October 2018, our Malaysia branch - MILLION INTERWORK SDN. BHD. at Sungai Petani, Kedah. will be closed. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Taiwan Head Office - SHINING JINS ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.

    Thank you for your continuous support to our Firm.

    Marketing Department
    No.107, Lane 530, Sec. 1, Guoji Road, Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan.
    Tel: +886-3-361 0638 Fax: +886-3-367 7527
    Web: http://www.shiningjins.com
    E-mail: sales1@shiningjins.com

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    woofer,washer,pole plate,speaker metal parts,bottom,casters rivet,Pins,Washer,Screws,Nuts,Bolts,Castors,
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    Sprocket axle,bushes,nut,Furniture fittings,Shoulder Screw,Suspension Bushings,screw fittings,Bushings and Sleeves
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