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HASEGAWA VM42 RM Compound Compressor and Spare Par
  • HASEGAWA VM42 RM Compound Compressor and Spare Par
  • HASEGAWA VM42 RM Compound Compressor and Spare Parts

    VM42RM compressors should not be operated beyond the following limits:

    Compressor RPM: Max. = 1250 rpm (VM =1500rpm) Min. = 600 rpm
    Compression ratio* Max. = 15 Target Max: R717 – 10, R22 – 11
    Pressure difference Max. = 227 psi (16.47 kg/cm″) [1.6MPa]

    Suction pressure, Two stage compressors:
    Max. 28 psig (C.S.T: R717 = 14°F, R22 = 5°F)
    Max. 0.2 MPaG (C.S.T: R717 = -10°C, R22 = -15°C)
    Min. 11 psig (C.S.T: R717 = -76°F, R22 = -94°F)
    Min. -0.08MPaG (C.S.T: R717 = -60°C, R22 = -70°C)
    RM type compressor
    Max. Determined by motor capacity.
    Min. 11 psig (C.S.T: R22 = -94°F)
    Min. -0.08MPaG (C.S.T: R22 = -70°C)

    Model VM42
    Cylinders: 4+2
    RPM (Max): 1200
    Bore In.: 115mm
    Stroke In. 90mm
    Unloading Steps 4-2
    Suction In. 80mm
    Discharge Low Stage In.: 40 mm
    Suction High Stage In.: 40 mm
    Discharge In.: 32 mm
    Net Weight kg 1290
    Oil Charge Litres: 25

    Discharge pressure Below: 213 psig (C.S.T: R717 = 104°F, R22 = 104°F)
    1.5 MPaG (C.S.T: R717 = 40°C, R22 = 40°C)
    When compression ratio is high, temperature of discharge gas should be less than 248°F.

    Oil Pressure: Max. = 114 psig Min. = 28 psi Differential
    Max. = 8kg/cm2G Min. = 2kg/cm2 Differential

    Oil Temperature: Max. = 140°F Min. = 59°F
    Max. = 60°C Min. = 15°C
    Normal operation = 131°F Normal operation = 55°C

    Please don’t hesitate to contact with us.
Crankshaft for MAN B&W 8L 32/40
  • Crankshaft for MAN B&W 8L 32/40
  • Crankshaft for MAN B&W 8L 32/40

    Crankshaft No. F 104022 for MAN B&W 8L 32/40 diesel engine.
    Manufactured in 2001
    Identification marks: F.104022
    Part: 11.02001-1781
    Material Quality: CK 45

    RMRS Reports included.
    Magnetic Particle Testing’s included.
    MAN examination reports included.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact with us.
Genset SKL 8VD 26/20 AL-2 Complete Engine
  • Genset SKL 8VD 26/20 AL-2 Complete Engine
  • In stock.

    Test Certificate: DDR-Schiffs-Revision und -Klassifikation

    Type: 8 VDS 26/20AL-2
    Design: Linksmaschine
    Manufacturer: VEB Schwermaschinenbau “Karl Liebknecht”, Magdeburg – Kombinat fur Dieselmotoren u. Industrieanlagen -
    Orderer No. : 612949/647
    Year of make: 1989
    Number of cylinders: 8
    Diameter of cylinders: 200 mm
    Piston stroke: 260mm
    Direction of rotation: Right
    Power: 839 kW
    Fuel: Diesel
    Test Certificate No. : 20253010-330-89-3184

    Please don’t hesitate to contact with us.
Apple iPhone Xs Apple iPhone Xs Max iWatch Best De
  • Apple iPhone Xs Apple iPhone Xs Max iWatch Best De
  • Best Deal from the Mobileshop Buy Now at Discount 30% up tp 50% Sales Offer !!!
    Free Shipping Delivery / Free Retrun

    Brand New original Apple iPhone xs / iPhone xs max . original smartphone . Apple warranty

    Apple iPhone Xs Max 64GB
    Sales Price - $1200
    Buy Now At 50% Discount Price : $600

    Apple iPhone Xs 64GB
    Sales Price - $1099
    Buy Now Discount Price : $549.00

    For Assistance with Purchase : Please contact
    Valentina Alessia
    whatapp +14302015690
    Tel +14302015690
  • € 559.00
We are direct providers of Fresh Cut BG, SBLC MTN
  • We are direct providers of Fresh Cut BG, SBLC MTN
  • Dear Sir,

    We are direct providers of Fresh Cut BG, SBLC and MTN which are specifically for lease, our bank instrument can be engage in PPP Trading, Discounting, signature project(s) such as Aviation, Agriculture, Petroleum, Telecommunication, construction of Dams, Bridges, Real Estate and all kind of projects. We do not have any broker chain in our offer or get involved in chauffeur driven offers.

    We deliver with time and precision as sethforth in the agreement. Our terms and Conditions are reasonable, below is our instrument description.

    The procedure is very simple; the instrument will be reserved on euro clear to be verified by your bank, after verification an arrangement will be made for necessary bank documents and stock testing expenses, the cost of the Bank Guarantee will be paid after the delivery of the MT760,
    Description OF INSTRUMENTS:

    1. Instrument: Bank Guarantee (BG/SBLC)
    2. Total Face Value: Eur/USD 5M MIN and Eur/USD 10B MAX (Ten Billion EURO/USD).
    3. Issuing Bank: HSBC Bank London, Barclay's bank London,Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank Frankfurt.
    4. Age: One Year, One Month
    5. Leasing Price: 6% of Face Value plus 2% commission fees to brokers.
    6. Delivery: Bank to Bank swift.
    7. Payment: MT-103 or MT760
    8. Hard Copy: Bonded Courier within 7 banking days.

    We are ready to close leasing with any interested client in few banking days, if interested do not hesitate to contact me.

    kelvin Brigth
    Phone: +447546769978
350 Bitcoins for sale
  • 350 Bitcoins for sale
  • Bitcoin is an internet open-source P2P payment network and also cryptocurrency in this network. The main uniqueness of bitcoin is its full decentralization; it is designed so that nobody, neither the author nor other individuals, groups or governments, can influence the currency, falsify, seize accounts, control cash flows or inflate. There is no central point in the network, or anyone who can make decisions about the network. The final amount of bitcoins is known in advance and the release of bitcoins is defined in the source code of the network.

    The network has been in operation since 2009 when it was described and created by a person or group of people signed as Satoshi Nakamoto.
    1 Bitcoin / BTC

    Code: 9901099100-9901099100
    € 7899.65
Botulinum Toxin, Neuronox, Botulax, Xeomin
  • Botulinum Toxin, Neuronox, Botulax, Xeomin
  • It will be a pleasure for us to work with your company if we could reach an agreement between our demand and your offer.

    We only operate with close Exclusive Rights Contract for the entire region of Eastern Europe. We work hard and we would not want to develop a market in our country to make the registration of the products and then these products to be offered by more companies. We want to register the products exclusively under our brand thus preventing other companies to make offers on our back. That’s how we work with AXIS DENTAL SWITZERLAND. They gave us such contract and we’ve applied their efficient business model and cooperation system of working exclusively with each and every client down to the tiniest detail. Would you be able to give us an answer to this inquiry of ours – EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT for the entire region of Eastern Europe as well as to register the products that we are interested in buying from you?

    The products that we are mainly interested in are: BOTULAX 50 UI, NEURONOX 50 UI AND XEOMIN 50 UI. We are looking to start with 500 pcs and then increase up to 1000 pcs and eventually bring it up to 10 000 pcs annually.

    Thank you very much.
  • € 30.00
Soybeans grade
  • Soybeans grade

    Origin: Sub-Saharan Africa
    Loading Port: Mombasa, Kenya

    USD $140 per metric ton FOB.

    Commodity: Soya Beans grade AA
    Particle Size: 80-120 meshes
    Type: Fit for human consumption
    GMO or Non-GMO: 100% Non-GMO
    Free from insects and moulds
    Style: Dried
    Drying Process: AD
    Shelf Life: 2 year
    Size: 6 - 9mm UP
    Color: Yellow
    Protein: 40% Min
    Foreign matters: 2% max
    Splits: 20% max
    Heat damage: 0.5% max
    Total damage: 3% max
    Protein: Minimum 34 PCT
    Oil: 21.3% Basis, 18.05% min
    Fumigation: included
    Fat: Max 2.5%
    Moistiure: Max 12.5 %
    Fibre: Max 4.5 %
    Ureasic activity: 0.02 to 0.20 MGNG Min at 30 degrees by EEC Methods
    Reciprocal allowances: 1:1
    Koh: min 78%
    Aflatoxin: Max 50 PPB
    Sand/Silica: Max 1.5 %
    Arsenic compound: minimum 1 ppm
    Mercuric compound: not found, zero
    Phosphides: maximium 0.05 PPM
    Cyanids: maximum 5 PPM
    Malathion: maximum 3 PPM parts per million
    Ethylens Debromide EDB: less than 10 PPB

    - Bank TT Transfer
    - Payment of 50% advance deposit against Purchase Contract signing and Proforma Invoice, which will be used to prepare the order.
    - Payment of the remaining 50% balance is after delivery.

    2.) SUPPLY CAPACITY: 40,000 – 60,000 metric tons per month
    3.) PACKAGING: 25/50kg bags
    4.) INSPECTION: Quantity, Quality and weight by BUREAU VERITAS or SGS

    - Delivery Time: Average of 12 - 15 Days after loading.

    PACKING DETAILS: Our Soya Beans is offered in different packing as per buyer's requirement
    - Package:
    25kgs and 50kgs in PP/Jute.
    - Quantity Per container:
    20ft container = 25 MT
    40ft container = 50 MT

    * If you are ready please send us your consignee details listed below; in order for us to prepare your Purchase Contract and ProForma Invoice.
    After receipt of payment we shall immediately move forward to pack and ship your goods.

    - Company Name:.........................?
    - Company Address: ............................?
    - Phone Number:...............?
    - Representative Name:..................?
    - Product Name:……………..?
    - Product Quantity: ............?
    - Packing Preference:…...?
    - Discharge Port (City, Country):……………....?

    We look forward to establishing and strengthening our business relationship with you.
    Thank you and have a blessed day.
  • € 130.00
International Labour Broker
  • International Labour Broker
  • International Labour Brokerage company with thousands of highly skilled workers (including FNMs) in it’s file can supply workers for any large industrial project in Europe and elsewhere.
    We have close to 15 years experience in recruiting, screening and preparing candidate (including cross-cultural and language training) for their work in Canada, USA and some EU countries.
    If your company is interested in getting quality workers please contact:

Gold dore bars
  • Gold dore bars
  • Dear Sir/madam

    We are group of Gold/ diamond Miners in republic of Ghana,

    We have gold dust & gold bar for sale, we are looking for buyers,

    we need an organization or individual that can help us sell our gold
    then invest with us,then we shall go into partnership with them as to
    develop our mining concession,

    We will be pleased to go into partnership with you. If Only You Can
    Understand Our Primary Problems.

    We Are Facing a lots of Problems in Our Mining concessions, Because we
    Lack Modern Mining Equipment And Machines.

    We have in stock 520kg gold dust.

    Purity : 96.5%.

    Carats:22 carats Plus.

    Origin: Ghana.

    Please Note :
    In the event that you do not buy gold, be kind enough to forward our
    contact email to a Gold Buyer. As our Agent we are ready to give 10%
    commission of the total purchase if you can connect us to a gold
    I am expecting your reply soonest,

    Best regards,
    Mr. Marcus Ofori
camlock fittings
  • camlock fittings
  • Here is Emma from DF Blast in China, we are producing the products of Camlock fittings as following(also known as cam and groove couplings) and quick couplers to suit your specific needs. our industrial hose fittings raise the bar for exceptional quality and competitive prices. Regardless of the application, whether air, fluid or gas transfer, our cam lock fittings and couplings are versatile and easy to use.

    Any request, please do not hesitate to email to me, we will offer the competitive price for you then.
    Waiting for your ealry reply.

    Emma Shi
    Tel: 0086-21-37890602
    Fax: 0086-21-37890603
    Skype: DFBLAST
  • About the company :
    + Manufacturing custom glass and glass processing
    + Have no financial obligation to suppliers, banks and financial institutions
    + Have no unpaid bills, no unpaid production or any delayed order payments
    About the Business:
    + Specialized manufacturing process, for a niche market
    + The production of custom made to order products, allows ATTRACTIVE margins
    + Products are of great interest in ANY country or any region
    + It is innovative and PROFITABLE, new technologies manufacturing process
    + The company is a well-known brand, with a good reputation
    + If needed, training will be provided
    + The business can be relocated
    + Price, to be arranged
    The company is located in EU, Bulgaria, in an industrial estate near Sofia airport and is close to a tube station. For further information, please, visit:, or send us your enquiry by mail to:
Oxidized Bitumen
  • Oxidized Bitumen
  • ear Sir/Madam,
    ZISTA GROUP established in 2005 is a group of companies with based in China, Hong Kong, Iran, UAE and it has been supplier of raw materials for a decade.
    In 2012 Zista Group have set up its own factory in Iran to make oxidized bitumen and have been serving different markets including India, Kenya and Taiwan ever since.
    At our production facility we can make any grade of Oxidized bitumen including the below grades which are most common:
    Oxidized Bitumen Grades Available Packaging
    115/15 Silicon Layers Kraft Paper Bags
    Silicon Layers Kraft Cartons
    Meltable Polyamid Bags
    Bitumen Blocks/Crushed Lumps


    Additional information are found at our website:
    Zista Group is also proud to announce its capability in logistics for managing shipments all over the world on CFR, DAP and DDP basis to give the most comfortable terms to our buyers.
    We shall await receiving your genuine inquiry in order to advance to a long term mutual business,

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further discussions,


    Alireza Rahmani

    Zista Group
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