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Floor Panels
  • Floor Panels
  • Our cold storage floor panels are generally preferred in small rooms or in cold rooms where the floor insulation application of the building is not suitable. With its locked and modular structure, the cold air chamber can be easily disassembled and moved to its new location. 6-8-10-12-15-18 and 20 cm thickness of our floor panels; The lower surface is made of polyester painted galvanized sheet, the upper surface is made of 90 mm thick hexagon non-slip (water resistant) polyurethane product. Depending on the needs of the project, it is also produced as polyester painted, chrome or PVC, the top surface of which is galvanized
Wall Panels
  • Wall Panels
  • They do not need any other carrier structure and they are sandwich panels that will keep the cold storage storaged and carry both insulation and the weight of the structure. It has 6-8-10-12-15-18 and 20 cm thick chrome, PVC, galvanized, polyester painted, corrugated or grooved products with locked and unlocked options. All of our panels are in female-male form and the products with lock system ensure that the structures of the panels can be mounted / disassembled without deterioration. This provides the possibility to add or remove panels whenever desired and strengthens the structure of the panels. Our panels are CE certified, 42 kg / m³ polyurethane filled, with prefabricated features
Stone Raymond Mill
  • Stone Raymond Mill
  • The different use of calcium carbonate powder in different fineness after processing by stone raymond mill:
    1,Less than 200 mesh: it can be used for a variety of feed additive calcium amounted to more than 55.6 without harmful ingredients.
    2.250 mesh to 300 mesh: used plastic factory, rubber factory, paint factory, waterproof material plant raw materials and interior and exterior stucco. The whiteness of more than 85 degrees.
    3.350 mesh to 400 mesh: used in the manufacture of the pinch, the water pipes, chemical. Whiteness above 93 degrees.
    4.400 mesh to 600 mesh: toothpaste paste, soap can be used. The whiteness of 94 degrees or more
    5.800 Head: rubber, plastic, cable, pvc whiteness of 94 degrees or more
    6.1250 mesh: pvc, PE, paint, paint grade products, paper primer paper topcoat, the whiteness of 95 degrees or more. With high purity, high whiteness, non-toxic, odorless, fine oily low, low hardness.
    7,Calcium carbonate as calcium supplements: the absorption rate of up to 39%, second only to fruit calcium can be dissolved in acid, has become the maximum dosage forms, the most widely used calcium supplements.
    8,In the laboratory can also be used for extracting carbon dioxide.
    High capacity calcium carbonate stone raymond mill, which is designed by our engineers and technicians on the basis of multiple innovation, test and experience over two decades, has absorbed many advantages of home and abroad mill manufacturing technique. It has been proved by thousands of customers that our machine has outstanding features and stable quality. Our High capacity calcium carbonate stone raymond mill can upgrade its production and the additional value which is suitable for our customer to use. It is the ideal equipment for fine milling.
    Main Components of HGM series High capacity calcium carbonate stone raymond mill:
    HGM series High capacity calcium carbonate stone mill mainly consist of main unit, classifier, dust cleaner, powder collector, blower, muffler, hammer crusher (can be replaced by jaw crusher), bucket elevator, sound-proof room, storage hopper, vibrating feeder and so on.
    Features of High capacity calcium carbonate stone raymond mill:
    1. High efficiency
    2. Longer lifetime of spare parts
    3. High safety and reliability:
    4. High fineness of products
    5. Environment friendly
  • € 50,000.00
Hangzhou FuYang XingDa Tools Co.,Ltd
  • Hangzhou FuYang XingDa Tools Co.,Ltd
  • Hangzhou FuYang XingDa Tools Co.,Ltd is a professional and industry's leading manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of PVC and PE layflat hose,Micro spray tape,PVC suction hose,PVC air hose,PVC fiber reinforced hose ,PVC garden hose and accessories.
    With export license, we export products to Germany, France, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, America, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Japan and Egypt. All these customers choose us and keep the relationship because of our perfect services, quality products and competitive prices.

    Hangzhou FuYang XingDa Tools Co.,Ltd

    Contact Details
    Add:277km of 320 National highway,fuyang district,hangzhou,zhejiang province,China
    Tel: 0571 63319489
    Fax: 0571 63326349
    E-mail: calvin@xt-hose.com
CPVC Flange Diaphragm Valve
  • CPVC Flange Diaphragm Valve
  • 1.Good external seal performance

    With 3d CAD/CAE analysis, diaphragm valves are fitted with suitable depth of body and proper depth of screws. In addition, with high elastic rubber, the sealing performance of the valve is improved.

    2.Easy to operate

    To reduce friction, the shape of the material and sliding parts has been updated. The proper seat shape improves the operating procedure.
POPP EOOD / Plastic products manufacturer
  • POPP EOOD / Plastic products manufacturer
  • POPP is Bulgarian manufacturer of plastic components. We have more than 15 years experience in manufacturing of plastic products. We have experience in injection molding, extruding, assembling and exporting products for the electro technical, automotive, telecommunication, medicine and other branches.
    We process PP, PC, PA GF/GK Reinforced, PVC, ABS, POM, PMMA, PS, TPE, TPV and other materials.
    We are looking for new orders or partnerships.
    ( concentrated ) washing and deodorizing agent
    for all hard washable surfaces made from stone,
    PVC, linoleum, unglazed clinker and clay tiles, cork,
    rubber, ceramic and metal (floors, floor beds, floor coatings,
    carpets, mattings, tiles, bathrooms and sanitary facilities,
    staircases and corridors, halls, warehouses, refrigeration plants,
    hot plates and kitchen appliances, refrigerators, and similar) .



    Hero is a small manufacturer of liquid cleaning and disinfecting product. In this are Hero can offer you a service of processing production, inward processing or service of production according to your specification. We have the ability to print your product labels, flyers, catalogs and to arange packaging in a blister or skin. We manufacture since 1983, have 10 employees and implement ISO 9001, HACCP, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.
Wood Plastic Composite Decking Floor Fence Railing
  • Wood Plastic Composite Decking Floor Fence Railing
  • What is Wood Plastic Composite?

    Wood-plastic composites are still new materials relative to the long history of natural lumber as a building material. The most widespread use of WPCs in North America is in outdoor deck floors, but it is also used for railings, fences, landscaping timbers, cladding and siding, park benches, molding and trim, window and door frames, and indoor furniture.

    Wood Plastic Composite Decking

    We AGU have been specialized in this field of WPC products for more than 10 years. We have wpc floor, wpc wall panel, wpc fence and other garden parts, like platform, table, bench, bins, signpost etc.

    We have different styles of wall panel, and there must be one that can meet your demands. The common specifications are below:

    Product Name: Wood Plastic Composite Decking Flooring Fencing Railing
    Materials: Wood Fiber, Plastic materials, Chemical additives
    Width x Thickness: Different Sizes Available, OEM is available too.
    Length: Usually 2 meters for easy shipping, customized is available.
    Color: Coffee, Chocolate, Teak, Maroon, Yellow, Red etc. Customized is available.
    Surface Treatments: Sanding, Wood Grain (Different Patterns Available)
    Function: Waterproof, Anti-UV, Fireproof, Mildew Proof, Rot Proof etc

    Advantages of Wood plastic Composite Decking:

    1.Excellent weather and stain resistance:
    - AGU Co-Extrusion Wood Plastic Composite Decking undergoes a two stage production process that ensures the strength of our wpc boards, unlike the normal tradional WPC boards which has only one layer of brushed surfaces. The outer shell remains impacts on AGU Co-extrusion Wood Plastic Composite Decking, results in superior weather and stain resistance.

    2.Rich and subtle color tones:
    - Part of the beauty of a hardwood deck comes from the subtle mix of colour tones and hues. No single board is exactly alike. In AGU Co-Extrusion WPC wood plastic composite decking, such a natural look is achieved through the enriching of the natural colour tones with darker veins.

    3.Tough enough to take the knocks:
    - AGU Co-Extrusion Wood Plastic Composite Boards has been engineered to have a high impact strength. Even in the coldest of winters, the wood plastic composite deck boards will withstand hard knocks without becoming brittle.

    4.Fine grain and texture:
    - The fine grained texture of AGU Co-Extrusion Wood Plastic Composite Boards gives the deck boards a natural feel. Bare feet feel at home, and there is no danger of splinters.

    5.Recycled and recyclable:
    - AGU Co-Extrusion Wood Plastic Composite deck boards are made from at least 65% recycled materials and backed by a comprehensive guarantee. The high quality wood fibers and plastics are surplus by products in self-adhesive label manufacture. All raw materials are non-toxic and harmless to the environment. No PVC is used.

    Care and maintainance of AGU Wood plastic Composite Decking:

    1.Free from debris:
    - Ensuring that leaves and other debris are swept from the wood plastic composite deck, and this will minimise the need for deck washing

    2.Normal washing:
    - Warm water and gentle brushing is absolutely enough to clean away dust and debris. Normal household detergents can also be added to the water with little amount to avoid damaging the wood plastic composite decking. A pressure washer is recommended for a more thorough cleaning. A narrow jet spray is most effective. The deck should first be sprayed with a detergent solution, then gently brushed, and finally rinsed with the spray.

    3.Materials and cleaning agent:
    -Jet washing, warm water and detergent, and medium bristle brushes are the only materials and cleaning agents that should be used.

    4.Oil and grease stains:
    -Due to AGU Co-Extrusion boards' closed surface shield, oil and grease spills can normally be cleaned without staining. Such spills should be removed and the surface cleaned as soon as possible (ideally within 3 hours) with warm water and detergent. Should a grease stain remain, a household degreasing agent may be used to remove it. The deck should be thoroughly rinsed after cleaning with warm water.

    Price & Shipping For Wood Plastic Composite WPC Wall Panel

    - We can offer you prices on basis FOB Qingdao or CIF your destination for your choices.

    Payment Terms:
    - T/T (30% in advance to confirm the order, balance within 7 days after shipment against B/L copy)
    - 100% L/C at sight

    - Packed on pallets with shrinked film, plastic belts, cardboard and corner protectors, or other packing methods as per customers' requirements.

    Delivery Time:
    - Within 15-30 days after the order is confirmed, for 20ft container usually.

    Why Choose US?

    We AGU are specializing in top quality WPC (Wood Plastic Composite). We have been specializing in the field of WPC Wood Plastic Composite boards for more than 12 years, and now one of the top 5 manufacturers and exporters of WPC boards.

    We focus on OEM and ODM of the high-end garden outdoor WPC. The range covers WPC decking, WPC Railing, WPC DIY tile, WPC wall penal and WPC bench, table, bin etc. We always put product quality and supporting services as the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

    We always pay attention to the technology innovation and quality improvement. Our core technology and major raw materials are all imported from Japan. We even invite Japanese experts with 40 + years experiences as long-term technological guidance and company manager. Strict production process and quality control ensure each batch of products to meet the international standers. Appreciated to the excellent technology and manufacturing team our products are exported to 36 countries with good repuation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.What Is Wood Plastic Composite?
    - WPC is a composite material (WPC), 70% made of wood natural fibers and 30% made of Polyethylene. It can be used for products of different shapes and colors, still maintaining the elegance of wood and the advantages of a not completely natural material.

    2.What Can You Use Wood Plastic Composite Wpc For?
    -WPC can be used for the flooring of terraces, swimming-pools, verandas, patio gardens, gazebos, exterior designs, and much more. In seaside environments, it can be efficiently used for walkway surfaces, wall cladding, louvers, wharfs, handrails or panel sections.

    3.What Are The Main Advantages Of Wood Plastic Composite Wpc?
    -WPC has all the qualities of wood, but not its defects: it is long-lasting, stable and it does not warp, it has no splinters and does not lose color, it is sun, ice and rain resistant.
    AGU wpc decking's polymeric component allows it to better resist the deterioration due to the sea climate and salty water. Furthermore, it works as a protective layer against the proliferation of fungus and mould.
    Finally, the composite materials require no maintenance, painting and are 100% recyclable.

    4.Is Plastic Wood More Expensive Than Simple Wood?
    -Yes, it is more expensive than softwood, although the treaty, but it has a very similar price to the fine exotic wood (teak or similar), or the kind of wood that can be used outside for decades without any deterioration.

    5.Does Plastic Wood Require A Special Maintenance?
    -AGU WPC does not require any special maintenance, it is easy to clean thanks to the well-thought combination of wood and polyethylene, that restrain the growth of mould and fungus. It is suggested to clean it by using neutral floor detergents, and if using a high-pressure cleaner, it is necessary to keep the machine at least 30 cm away from the walking surface.

    6.Does Plastic Wood Lose Color Or Change It?
    -AGU WPC does not lose color thanks to the pigments and UV absorbers contained in the polymeric composite.

    7.Is Plastic Wood UV-Rays Resistant?
    -AGU WPC resists the UV rays damage thanks to a special composition of pigments and UV absorbers.

    8.Is Plastic Wood Fire Resistant?
    -Wood plastic composite Novowood has excellent resistance to fire, responds to the class of fire resistance Cfl-S1 determined in MD March 15, 2005 (OJ No. 73 of 30/03/2005): Requirements for fire resistance of construction products installed in activities governed by specific technical fire prevention according to the European classification system

    9.Is Plastic Wood Wpc Water Resistant?
    - AGU WPC is water resistant thanks to encapsulated water-repellent fibers.
Ultrasound scanner
  • Ultrasound scanner
  • Specifications
    Portable RFID veterinary ultrasound machines Combined LF/UHF rfid metal tag for animal

    Sonovet ID vet/animal ultrasound scanner,for pigs,poultry,poultry foot,sheep,cats,dogs,cattle

    Main features of RFID veterinary ultrasound scanner Sonovet ID
    1.6" color LCD
    High-resolution PVC mirror ensures batter performance for waterproof and dustproof
    Level 7 waterproof professional design
    RFID technology built-in probe with an effective short distance of 8-13 cm
    The panel and probe are designed with double freezing keys to provide customers with more convenient
    It is designed strictly according to the international standard software of animal eat tag system to freely input and output the data
    Large-capacity IF card can be built in with multiple language instructions
    Software can be customized by clients’s need.
    Exclusive Features of RFID vet ultrasound scanner
    New modem appearance
    RFID Reader composed
    Level 7 waterproof probe
    FREEZE key on probe
    TF card allow data
    Probe of RFID veterinary ultrasound scanner Sonovet ID
    Professional design with 7 level waterproof
    Negative pressure controlling is built in ensuring no air bubble generated while is working
    RFID starting button on it
    FREEZE key are designed both on keyboard and the probe

    Other optional configuration probe image machine
    2D/3D/4D probe
    RFID veterinary ultrasound scanner Specifications
    Display mode:B,B+B
    Monitor:High resolution 6 inch color LCD
    Probe:3.5~5.0 MHz Professional 7 level waterproof
    Max depth:250mm
    Gray level:256 levels
    Measurements:distance,Circumference and vellum
    Animal OB:
    Battery:rechargeable Li,more than 3hrs
Indoor Cat5e UTP 100MHz Network LAN Cabble
  • Indoor Cat5e UTP 100MHz Network LAN Cabble
  • The AMPXL BOX UTP CAT5e cable is the highest-quality twisted pair cable designed for professional data transmission systems inside buildings (structural wiring, LANs).

    The AMPXL cable comes from the latest generation of UTP twisted pair cables. Its external diameter has been reduced to 5.0 mm, which considerably facilitates insertion of the cable into ducts and pipes. Special insulation material makes it easier to attach RJ-45 connectors.

    Main features of AMPXL UTP cat 5e cable:

    highest-quality materials, strict technological discipline confirmed by a 15-year quality guarantee,
    parameters far exceeding the requirements for Category 5+ twisted pair cables
    preliminary quality control of materials and thorough tests of the final product,
    meter markers, deviation less than 0.5%,
    solid wires of 0.50 mm diameter (24 AWG),
    wire insulation made of homogeneous, colored PE; outer diameter: 0.88 mm; colors: white-green/green, white-orange/orange, white-brown/brown, white-blue/blue,
    insulated wires twisted in pairs of 1.8 mm diameter,
    pairs twisted together, outer diameter of ca. 4.0 mm,
    sheath made of gray/ blue PVC, of 5.0 mm diameter.

    The AMPXL UTP cat 5e LAN cable is manufactured in compliance with:
    IEC 61156-6, ISO/IEC 11801, ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B, yd/t1019-2001 standards.

    The AMPXL UTP cat 5e cable can be used in a wide temperature range: -20°C...+70°C, and installed between 0°C and +50°C. The minimum bending radius factor (radius to diameter ratio) is 8.

    Name AMPXL Cat
    UTP 5e
    Code 500
    Wires solid copper conductors
    Ø 0.50 mm (24 AWG)
    Wire insulation HDPE
    Sheath PVC (gray/ blue)
    Outer diameter [mm] 5.0 ±0.3
    Copper content [kg/km] 14.9
    Weight [kg/km] 28.5
    Electrical parameters
    Impedance [Ω] 100 ±15
    Capacitance of any transmission path at 1kHz [nF/km] 50 ±1
    Nominal Velocity of Propagation (NVP) [%] 67
    Resistance of any transmission path [Ω/km] ≤ 188
    Asymmetry in capacitance of transmission paths to the ground [pF/km] ≤ 1600
    Insulation resistance [MΩ/km] > 500
    Installation and operation
    Operating temperature range [°C] -20...+70
    Operating humidity range [%] 0...100
    Installation temperature range [°C] 0...+50
    Minimum bending radius [radius to diameter ratio] >8

    The results of the measurements of the U/UTP kat. 5e cable conducted by the
    National Institute of Telecommunications in Shenzhen, China
    Pair resistance and resistance asymmetry testing.
    Cable Pair Wire Wire resistance [Ω/km] Resistance asymmetry [%]
    UTP cat. 5e 1 a 92,726 0,35
    b 93,054
    2 a 94,662 0,34
    b 94,982
    3 a 96,228 0,55
    b 96,755
    4 a 96,107 0,39
    b 95,733
    Required - - <150 ≤3,0

    Effective capacitance and capacitance asymmetry testing.
    Cable Pair Effective capacitance [nF/km] Capacitance asymmetry [pF/km]
    UTP cat. 5e 1 47,35 77
    2 44,87 132
    3 45,71 36
    4 46,70 5
    Required - - ≤1600

    Insulation testing.
    Cable Pair Wire Insulation resistance [MΩ/km]
    UTP cat. 5e 1 a 8,8·104
    b 1,2·105
    2 a 9,0·104
    b 1,6·105
    3 a 8,1·104
    b 2,0·105
    4 a 7,5·104
    b 1,1·105
    Required - - ≥50

    Tests of electric strength of insulation.
    Test method Test voltage VAC
    Applied (passed) Required
    Voltage applied between connected in parallel all a wires and all b wires 1000 1000

    End-to-end attenuation testing.
    Cable Pair Effective attenuation [dB]
    UTP cat. 5e 1 22,9
    2 22,8
    3 21,5
    4 21,2
    Required - ≤24,9

    Near End Cross Talk (NEXT) testing.

    Cable Pair to pair NEXT [dB]
    UTP cat. 5e 1 - 2 43,5
    1 - 3 47,9
    1 - 4 45,3
    2 - 3 44,9
    2 - 4 47,8
    3 - 4 41,4
    Required - ≥34,0

    Return loss testing.
    Cable Pair Return loss [dB]
    UTP cat. 5e 1 20,8
    2 21,2
    3 20,9
    4 19,9
    Required - ≥19,4

    Total Near End Cross Talk (PS-NEXT) testing.
    Cable Pair PS-NEXT [dB]
    UTP cat. 5e 1 36,94
    2 33,93
    3 33,63
    4 35,44
    Required - ≥31,0

    Transmission parameters
    The parameters show that AMPXL U/UTP 5e fulfills all requirements for Category 5e cables, with a large safety margin.
PVC & Polystyrene panels
  • PVC & Polystyrene panels
  • PooshanPlastBadee co. started its activity since 2006 in the field of decoration and construction production by establishing a factory in Guilan, Iran. Pooshan Plast Badee has doubled its production through these years to 300,000 meters per month and the principles' vision is to tenfold it in future. We produce: PS panels,PVC panels,Baseboard,Corner Guard,Trim Guard,Cove,Round stop,Flat stop,Crown,Keel,Belt,Ply cap,Frame,Ogee. We are the FIRST …:
    • PVC manufacturer in Guilan
    • Simultaneous PVC & Polystyrene manufacturer in Iran
    • Manufacturer of decorative profiles with the name of "CovArt" in Iran
    • Anti-bacterial wall panel manufacturer in Iran, using German Nano Technology
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