Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions of Use of Web Portal B2B-connect.eu

The Terms and Conditions of Use define the principles of operation and use of the Web Portal B2B-connect.eu (old b2b-direct.eu)
Web Portal B2B-connect.eu is a portal, whose the main operator is a company is a company B2B Direct ApS, (VAT no. DK-37878839), based in Denmark/Odense. The main operator is also the administrator of the data within the meaning of the legal provisions on the protection of personal data.
The Terms and Conditions of Use specify the types and conditions for the provision of electronic services by the Operator, in particular: 
*types and range of the Web Portal services, 
*terms of use of the Web Portal, 
*the technical requirements necessary to cooperate with the Web Portal system, 
*rights, obligations and the scope of liability of the Web Portal Users, 
*rights, obligations and the scope of liability of the Operator as the managing and carrying on the Web Portal, 
*conditions for concluding and terminating contracts for the provision of services (access) by the Web Portal, 
*the complaints procedure.
The aim of the Web Portal is to allow entities conducting business activity (Users) presentation of offers and to making business contacts in the area throughout the European Union/Europe. The Web Portal is a database and a bid platform, operated on each national market by the Main Operator and the Partners of the Operator, ie. National Operators.
The Web Portal includes functionalities enabling presenting Profile and offers of the Users, verification of Users, exchange of information between Users and making requestions.
User – a physical or legal person or entity without a legal personality, operating a business that has made the Registration process in the Web Portal B2B-connect.eu and gained access to the services provided by the Operator within the scope of the Web Portal,
Using the Web Portal – display on a computer screen content of the Web Portal pages B2B-connect.eu and any activity of the User in the Web Portal, in particular registration, login, complementing the profile, adding offers, making trade request,
Services – access to the Web Portal and its functionality,
Web Portal – Internet portal B2B-connect.eu, available on the website www.b2b-connect.eu and in subdomains assigned to specific EU/Europe countries (concerns countries that are not members of the EU),
User Account – available after logging in (entering login and password) a place in the Web Portal, where every registered User may enter and modify their data, observe the status of available offers, promote their offers, delete account
Profile – a place in the Web Portal, linked with a user account, where collection of information containing user identification data, contact information, offers is published.

Web Portal provides the following services available for Users:
-provides module of the portal account and Profile with the ability to log in and the possibility of editing
-placement of advertisements and commercial offers within the limits assigned to a specific subscriptions
-publish industry news 
-insight to advertisers contact information (available to verified members)
-display of the profile with the company logo
-location on the map*
-search for specific offers from the database
-other services provided through the development of the Web Portal
The Operator b2b-connect.eu reserves the right to temporary restrictions of access services to the Web during the upgrade, backup and other work associated with maintaining the functionality of the Web Portal.
In case of detection of gross irregularities in the content published by the User Operator reserves the right to immediately block the account.

There are available a few subscriptions.
Current monthly and yearly prices you can see via your Account 
All prices are exclusive VAT (* verified EU companies are exempt of VAT). The DK- VAT rate is 25%, and will be added on each invoice after paying.
Listing packages may change with a minimum 1 months from the information given to the user.
When purchasing a yearly subscription discounts apply that can be changed without having to inform users of any changes.

Accession by the User to use the Web Portal is tantamount to acceptance of all the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Portal and the submission of statements about: 
*granting consent to the conclusion of the agreement and to receive documentation electronically, 
*consent to the processing of personal data, 
*consent to receive commercial information. 
Rregistration in the portal requires the following data: 
*company name and legal form, 
*address, country, 
*VAT (VIES) identification number, 
*contact details to appropriate person responsible for the cooperation with the Web Portal.
After completing the registration to the e-mail address provided by the User during the registration further instructions will be sent on how to confirm the registration.
User declares that the data contained in the registration form is truthful and not violate the rights of third parties and has not been placed without the consent of third parties.
Operator/Admin reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to move/ modify/edit, refuse to publish or remove any content from the Site with or without any notice.

Operator and User may terminate the agreement for providing services of the Web Portal at any time without giving any reasons with one month's notice effective at the end of the calendar month. 
In the event that the User bought the service for more than one settlement period the agreement for providing services of the Web Portal expires on the moment of expiry of the period for which the User has bought the service, unless the Parties agree to early termination and settlement of fee paid in advance. 
(Prepaid annual promotional price is then the base reduced by the standard monthly rate of the used period).
The User may exercise the right of cancellation within 14 days of confirmation of registration, provided that he did not use (not logged on) the Web Portal.
The Operator may terminate the agreement on providing Web Portal services with the User Portal without notice in the case of:
the User breaches the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Use of the Web Portal, in particular those relating to prohibited content, when the User activity is unlawful or contrary to the objective of the Web Portal .
Termination of the agreement is tantamount to deleting the User account. Deletion of the account after the expiry of the notice period, in case of termination of the agreement without notice, at the same time with the moment of sending a notification to the User.
Deleting a user account does not delete from the Portal content, comments, User ratings, but they are no longer dressed by User login. In order to fulfil obligations under the Law on Telecommunications, the Operator stores the data specified in the Act for the time specified therein.
In case of termination of the agreement by the Operator to re-register the same User requires the express consent of the Operator.

User can expand its profile with the following information: business sector, a portfolio including logo, number of employees, annual turnover, etc.
User may increase its credibility by making the verification in the following way prefer: *subscribe to allowing the publication of the logo in search results, and the whole company profile (available under subscription LARGE and XLARGE), *placing a link to his own website (available through subscription LARGE, and XLARGE), *publishing short industry articles with a link to the entire author’s article (available under subscription LARGE and XLARGE).
Operator is not responsible for the content, credibility, and the terms of cooperation between Users

Unauthorized copying of materials that comprise the elements of the Web Portal or published by Users on the pages of the Portal is prohibited, in particular the content, logos, graphics and use them in any fields of exploitation without the written consent of the Operator and - in the case of material published by Users - without the consent of the Members (hereinafter referred to as: Materials).
User declares that all the Materials published by him are the subject of its exclusive rights and not infringe the rights of third parties. Operator is not responsible for the violation of any rights connected with the publication of Materials by the User.
Publishing Materials is prohibited:
prohibited by law, containing obscenities,
widely considered offensive or morally reprehensible,
constituting an infringement of personal rights of other users or third parties.
fictional content as inconsistent with the facts,
spamming as well as other content including viruses harmful to users and the Web Portal,
hindering in an unnatural way the work of software of the Web Portal, including copying own offers and others other Users, etc.
improper use of the contents of databases B2B-connect.eu and sharing to third parties without the consent of the Operator and /or persons to which that information relates.
Other materials that would violate the law, the interests of other Users and the Web
As prohibited content referred to in point 3 it is considered to be particularly content that violates the copyright, content generally considered socially inappropriate, content or glorifies violence and breaking the law, insult other nationalities and religions.
Placing commercials in the content of the advertisement is prohibited.
The User bears full responsibility for content of Materials published on the Web Portal. In case of violation of the law or of claims by third parties, Operator, under applicable law, reserves the right to transfer User data to authorized institutions, including the judicial authorities.
In order to ensure the high quality of our services, we kindly ask Users who have any suspicions concerning content of advertisements on our Web Portal for immediate reporting this by selecting "Report Irregularity" or e-mail the Operator by adding a link to the suspicious User or advertisement.

By registering on the Web Portal, User consents to the processing of personal data in accordance with the provisions on the protection of personal data and their presentation in the Web Portal, including the User Profile.
Entered by the User personal data are collected and processed by the Operator in accordance with the privacy policy.

Any complaints related to the services (the operation) of the Web Portal should be reported using the contact form “Contact Us” with the Web Portal (available after login in)
The complaint shall be considered within 14 working days. A response to the complaint is sent to the User e-mail.
The complaint shall contain the User data (login) and the description of irregularities.

Operator reserves the right to change the provisions of this Terms and Conditions of Use at any time, and inform the Users of the Web Portal by indicating the date of the last change at the beginning of the Terms and Conditions of Use and by sending e-mail to Users about changes in the Terms and Conditions of Use.
The changed Terms and Conditions of Use binding the User, if he will not terminate the agreement for provision of services by the Web Portal within 5 working days from sending him the information about changes.
In matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions of Use, the relevant provisions of law applicable in accordance with the seat of the Operator shall be used.
Any dispute will be settled by the court competent for the Operator.
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