We are a distributor of polyisobutylene PIB

We specialise in the following high molecular weight polyisobutylene: P-80, P-85, P-100, P-118, P-155, P-220, P-225 and also P-50.

Efficient responsive deliveries of PIBs that is high in quality and competitively priced is a key factor of our business. We truly believe that product longevity and robustness depends upon the quality of the raw material used. Therefore, we are confident that the quality of our polymers will meet your highest standard for raw material, and our attempt to be a reliable supplier would be to your satisfaction.

Our products are used in many sectors because of their characteristics and properties, and this is reflected in the type of customer portfolios currently in our possession. Our customers come from a widely diverse economic sectors such as automotive, construction, footwear, pharmaceutical, and FMCG. This showcases the crucial role special polymers play in the daily life of society. Therefore it is not a surprise that the demand for PIBs worldwide has increased year on year, which would make this period an ideal time for us to increase our customer base and target well established companies.
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