Fully-auto Surgical Mask Machine Production Line

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Fully-automatic Medical Face Mask Making Machine | Surgical Mask Production Line

This mask production line is for making surgical face masks and the machine produces 3-to-4-ply masks automatically by the following procedures.
- Unwinding and feeding non-woven fabrics
- Folding and laminating fabrics
- Feeding and positioning nose bars
- Welding and cutting the masks
- Feeding and welding elastics

The above process is done automatically and continuously by PLC.

1) Fully-automatic.
2) High-speed and speed adjustable.
3) Multiple ultrasonic systems employed produce reliable welding.
4) Easy to use. The touch-screen control system makes operation easy.
5) Alarm when the fed material breaks or is in short.
6) A counting system makes the quantity of produced masks visible and make it possible to set the mask quantity of each stack for the conveyors.

Power: 9 kW
Capacity: max. 60 pcs/min
Weight: 4500 kg
Dimensions: 6800(L)*4800(W)*1988(H)mm

Years' experience of designing and manufacturing mask making machines, not a beginner by reference to only drawings.
30 days delivery lead time.

We also have 3-ply masks to be supplied. They are made of virgin materials, odorless and the quality is beyond most of the other suppliers'.
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