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Jan 05, 2019
If you want to actively use our B2B portal, register your account. The site is intended for Companies, but private individuals intending to enter the business can also register.
Go to Sign in and select Sign up.
Follow steps
1. Step. Enter your email, password and check the required fields. When choosing an account type, you have several options to choose from, although a regular Member is enough to check the available functions on our website. Account type can be changed at any time - please contact us in this case.
2. Step. Enter the required fields, company profile, and other company information. 
3. Step. Choose the right package for you.
We recommend "Verify" options because it gives you full access to our website, access to the contact details of the advertisers, and adding 3 business offerts. After paying the selected membership, our team will verify your Company. It may take few days. The Companies are checked on the official website of VIES (in some cases a different form of verification is required eg a letter to the company’s official address, contact with the local partner or others - depending on the situation). Once verified, the user has unlimited access to all given functions. These options can be changed at any time after logging in to your account.
Check your email and confirm your account.
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