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Offering investment
  • Offering investment
  • Hello.
    We are a advisory, consulting and investment company in USA, we offer investment to start-up or existing projects, investment for business expansion. Contact us if in need of financial consultation and financing.
Invesment Opportunities
  • Invesment Opportunities
  • We are consultancy firm linking and looking for a foreign
    individuals/Business enterprise and corporate body that need business
    expansion and willing to invest profitably a huge amount of money
    which is in our disposal in a profitable long-term venture, most
    importantly, we shall required to invest these funds on real
    estates/Loans to public firms or businesses with a low interest
    rate/open companies and buy villas and give out for rents. preferably
    in your country of residence or any other suitable location.

    we shall appreciate if you can give us the best assistance we need,
    hoping to cooperate with you in the nearest future we shall let you
    know amount of client funds that will be investing on your project
Projects Funding through BG/SBLC Leasing
  • Projects Funding through BG/SBLC Leasing
  • Sir/Ma

    I am a financial consultant and have a very good and reputable Provider of some bank instruments which can be monetised and discount for funding of your various project within lenders/investors and projects owners or borrowers that need funding for there various projects etc. We give oppurtunities for projects owner not withstanding the kind of projects, business support and can be engaged into PPP trading. Projects such as

    Real Estate Projects

    Construction Projects

    Government contract Projects,

    Transportation Projects

    Aviation Projects

    Telecommunication Projects

    Import and Export Projects etc.

    We are located in Europe and we are very ready to take a good look at your
    projects and faciliate the whole process.

    Kindly contact me if you have projects that need funding through this

    Martin Steffens
Loan Offer At 3% Rate Apply Now
  • Loan Offer At 3% Rate Apply Now
  • Do you need a Loan at 3% interest rate to pay your bills or start
    up your own business ?, contact with the following details …

    (1) Full name:
    (2) Loan amount needed:
    (3) Phone number:
    (4) Country:



    Best regards,
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    Address: Κολοκοτρώνη 1 & Σταδίου, 105 62 | Αθήνα ΤΗΛΕΦΩΝΟ 210 3274400 ΦΑΞ 210 3274448-9 E-MAIL
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we are looking for an investor for profitable busi
  • we are looking for an investor for profitable busi
  • we are looking for an investor for profitable business or partner
    construction of a processing plant, cenosphere in europe
    need 3-4 million USD
    the market of customers ready to buy a finished product
    profit is at least 50% per 1 ton
    the capacity of the plant processing we want to build is 8,000 tons per year
    we will give the investor or partner up to 50% of shares
    whatsapp: +48721033721, or +48510763175

    we are looking for an investor for profitable business or partner
    construction of a processing plant, cenosphere in europe
    We have all business prepared for 3 years.
    guaranteed supply of raw material for the next 5 years
searching for investor/s
  • searching for investor/s
  • We are an Italian company that is managing a couple of agro-industrial projects in Tanzania. We need active or passive investors willing to invest in industrial development in these country.
    Please contact us for further information.
    Doriano Adami
    Investment Manager

    Via A. Gramsci n.12
    37060 Bosco di Sona (VR)
    Tel.:+39 45 8942450
    Fax: +39 45 8942451
Seed stage investor
  • Seed stage investor
  • Dear Sir,

    We are a group of designer manufacture headbot to manage headache and migraine using scientifically proven essential oils as a aromatherapy and soothing headache. 

    A new patent pending device invented with the name "Headbot".

    We are looking for seed investor to fund manufacturing and distribution to our mass market in US,Europe,Asia and Africa.We have pitch deck,business model canvas and business plan for serious investor
    Kindly visit our website to learn more.

    Best regards,
    Abiodun Quadri‎
    Co-founder, Design4Solution
  • am a private investor currently search i am Ready to invest in any running business with positive positive margin which needs additional capital for business expansion is of interest to me i am willing to invest and mostly already running businesses are of added advantage to me i am willing to invest in any part of the world but the Middle east , GCC Golf countries are of added advantage to me since there is evidence of a prominent economic boom in these areas but any part of the world with good investment opportunities and positive profit margin is welcomed . I am looking for a partner for a partner with positive financial background which we can jointly finance any business or project for i am only willing to jointly finance or invest in a newly created or already created business or investment .In mind i am looking to invest in the following fields , Hotels , Motels , Commercial Villas , Residential villas ,Shopping Malls ,Hyper Markets , Supermarkets , Crude oil and gas trading , Natural oil and gas trading ,Shipping / logistics Gold Diamond and general jewelry trading , Events planning , Insurance , Hospitals , Schools , Dispensaries , Restaurants / coffee shops , chain stores and retail / wholesale outlets , Branded goods shops , Yatch / Jesky / ships etc any other business not mentioned is of advantage and interest to me so please i want serious and direct investors , business owners , project owners only no middle men no time wasters i need direct investors only you are welcomed to send me an inquiry mail directly to my email address below for more details and onward proceedings and as well a face to face meeting .

    If anyone interested pls contact
We need an Investor for Our Real Estate Project
  • We need an Investor for Our Real Estate Project
  • We need an investor for our real estate project.

    We can use the real estate as a coverage.

    Our offer is 15-20% yield/year.

    The requested ammount is 10K-20K/projects.

    Investment therm: 3-5 year

    Country: Hungary /Budapest/

    If you are interested in, and would like to negotiate the details please contact me.

    I am looking for someone with UAE/GCC experience in a good business idea and wants to start that business, but has no enough capital with him. I am ready to invest and start that business with him. It will help him, and help me. I am interested in partnering and investing in a running business that is unique and has a good future with clean bank records.I am willing to invest or go into a joint partnership in Medical/Healthcare, Real Estate, Hotel Managements, Oil & Energy,Building Construction etc. So i will appreciate if you can send me interested proposals to my email directly.

    kindly email me directly . for more information .
Seeking partner for Equity or Partnership
  • Seeking partner for Equity or Partnership
  • I am interested in establishing and operating a very viable business as a means of investment . I do not know too well
    on how this is done, So I will need you to help me in this regard.

    My preference is any good profit yielding business and I would appreciate any viable ideas you could come up with.
    I will also need you to help me look for properties like homes and lands for sale as I am proposing to invest in
    the Middle East. Also we can work with your projects if found profitable. For a brief on my personality; My name
    is Yves Michel Fotso a Cameroon Business man and I am willing to do business. The stock of Commercial Bank Cameroon,
    is privately owned by Cameroonian and foreign investors. The major shareholders are listed in the table

    I am President in this bank, Former Managing Director, Cameroon Airlines and I run other businesses in Cameroon as well.
    Please I expect your good and prompt reply so that we can proceed swiftly. My representative would travel to meet you to
    discuss potential areas.

    Best Regards,
    Mr. Yves Michel Fotso.
    Address: 41 Quartier Manguissa, Yaounde, Cameroon.
    Personal Email :
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