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USED RAILS R50-R65 - €150 Per MT
  • USED RAILS R50-R65 - €150 Per MT
  • RECYCLING DEVELOPMENTS LTD is a well-known Exporter and Supplier of

    various Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metal such as

    COPPER WIRE SCRAP === €3,000 Per MT
    BALED TYRE SCRAP == €65 Per MT
    HMS 1&2 == €120 Per MT
    USED RAILS R50-R65 - €150 Per MT

    and many more and we are also dealers in both plastic and rubber

    scraps such as

    PET BOTTLE SCRAP == €200 Per MT
    HDPE BOTTLE == €350 Per MT
    HDPE DRUMS == €300 Per MT
    LDPE FILMS == €300 Per MT
    ABS SCRAP == €200 Per MT
    BABY DIAPERS == €300 Per MT
    PU FOAM SCRAP == €300 Per MT

    And lots more, As a reputed Exporter and Supplier, we bring forth a

    wide range of products, meeting various requirements. The products

    that we offer are available in several variants and are known all over

    the world for their quality and affordable price.
Vietnam plastic bag for shopping
  • Vietnam plastic bag for shopping
  • Description: Patch handle bag is a polyethylene bag features a clear patch of plastic heat sealed behind the die cut handles to provide additional strength and longevity to carrier bag.

    Other names: welded patch handle bag, reinforced punch out handle, die cut handle with patch,

    Material: made of HDPE or LDPE or MDPE with thickness from 20 microns and printing up to 12 colors by Gravure or Flexo

    Advantage: patch handle bags have a high quality look with a reinforced die cut patch handle that is an affordable packaging solution. With an extra reinforced patch around the die cut handle, these bags will be stronger and more durable to carry heavier merchandise. This type of bag is economic, ergonomic (easy to handle) and ideal for reuse.

    Usage: patch handle bags are very popular for trade shows, retail stores, brochures, clothes, jewelry, small gifts in promotional events, and much more. They are also used in food packing as pizza, take away…
Grade A Copper Wire and Copper Cathode
  • Grade A Copper Wire and Copper Cathode
  • 1.copper scrap

    2.wire from copper cables.


    4.sgs/ciq/bv..any inspection.

    5.factory,prompt shipment.

    Chemical composition (%):

    Cu: =99.95.Bi:=0.002.Sb:=0.002.As:=0.002. Fe:=0.005. Ni:=0.005. Pb:=0.002. Sn:=0.002. S:=0.005. O:=0.002. Zn:=0.005. P:=0.001.

    Range of work:Copper scrap with the purity of copper 99%, 97%, 95%.

    99% copper scrap is mainly composed by pure copper wire and pure electrical cable, the diameter is above 1.6mm.

    97% copper scrap is mainly scrap copper wire, cable. 95% copper scrap mainly is scrap copper wire,cable,tube etc.

    Other copper scrap wire:

    #1 cu: 99-96%.

    #2 cu: 96-94%.

    #3 cu: 94-92%.

    Wire diameter: 0.30mm, 0.25mm, 0.20mm.

    Weight/spool: 3 kg, 5 kg, 7 kg, 15 kg, 20kg.

    Tensile strength: 1000 n/mm2, 900 n/mm2, 500 n/mm2, 450 n/mm2, n/mm2.

    Range of usage:. Electrical, light industry, machinery, building industry, national defense industry.

    Copper scraps in industries are important sources of the raw materials.

    All kinds of can be recycled and Recycling waste production with copper.

    Test result;

    Copper. 99.9%. Carbon. 0.03%. Phosphorus. 0.01%max. Coblet. 0.01%max. Sulphur. 0.01%max. Iron. 0.005%max. Zinc. 0.003%.

    Detail description:

    Copper wire;

    -copper wire grade 1: including no nudity , no coating, no alloy of pure copper wire.
Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Automation
  • With the help of current technology, any process can be automated, increasing productivity and eliminating human error. Automatic systems work 24/7, ensuring continuous flow and security of your business.

    eMVA Smart Control is a company able to build industrial automation from scratch and can bring improvements for existing systems. We provide technical support, both on-line and on-call, and system maintenance, both during warranty and post-warranty periods.

    We offer:

    You come up with the idea, we with the solution! Together we can develop a modern, fully automated, economical and performing system. We are flexible and offer solutions even for unique applications.

    Design and Development
    We design and develop the system that matches your needs! We make personalized scenarios so that the process runs safely, with minimal impact on staff and the environment.

    The system is designed, built and tested! We assure the installation, commissioning and training of the users, so that the system will function as fully as possible from the first day.

    For the system to function as you please, we ensure maintenance during the warranty period, but also post-warranty. Technical support, both online and telephone, is included.

    Our portfolio can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/emvasmartcontrol/

    For more information please contact us at office@e-mva.ro
Titanium Drop for distributors!
  • Titanium Drop for distributors!
  • We are manufacturing Titanium Drop liquid screen protector for the screen of Digital devices.

    Our product is laboratory tested by TÜV Rheinland and the accredited Hungarian ELM Laboratory.

    We would like to expand our successful business World Wide.

    If you are interested in distributing our product, please contact us.

    Product characteristics:

    -up to 97,5% antibacterial protection
    -12 month protection
    -The layer is invisible to the naked eye
    -Electromagnetic radiation reduction
    -Sapphire hardness
    -Water-repellent layer
    -Bubble-free protection
    -9H Hardness
Poulyrethane scrap foam, Latex, Visco
  • Poulyrethane scrap foam, Latex, Visco
  • DTrade has grown from humble beginnings as a family owned business more than 10 years ago to become a global presence in distributing a broad range of foam, scraps of foam and latex products.

    Also, we are always looking for ways to become more efficient in our solutions to customer needs. And through the recently redesigned website. We have customers in Asia, Africa and the USA, and can ship worldwide.
    We can upload around 20 tons ( max 22t) per container 40 'HC. We use the largest armators on world like MOL, SAFMARINE ...
Indoor Cat5e UTP 100MHz Network LAN Cabble
  • Indoor Cat5e UTP 100MHz Network LAN Cabble
  • The AMPXL BOX UTP CAT5e cable is the highest-quality twisted pair cable designed for professional data transmission systems inside buildings (structural wiring, LANs).

    The AMPXL cable comes from the latest generation of UTP twisted pair cables. Its external diameter has been reduced to 5.0 mm, which considerably facilitates insertion of the cable into ducts and pipes. Special insulation material makes it easier to attach RJ-45 connectors.

    Main features of AMPXL UTP cat 5e cable:

    highest-quality materials, strict technological discipline confirmed by a 15-year quality guarantee,
    parameters far exceeding the requirements for Category 5+ twisted pair cables
    preliminary quality control of materials and thorough tests of the final product,
    meter markers, deviation less than 0.5%,
    solid wires of 0.50 mm diameter (24 AWG),
    wire insulation made of homogeneous, colored PE; outer diameter: 0.88 mm; colors: white-green/green, white-orange/orange, white-brown/brown, white-blue/blue,
    insulated wires twisted in pairs of 1.8 mm diameter,
    pairs twisted together, outer diameter of ca. 4.0 mm,
    sheath made of gray/ blue PVC, of 5.0 mm diameter.

    The AMPXL UTP cat 5e LAN cable is manufactured in compliance with:
    IEC 61156-6, ISO/IEC 11801, ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B, yd/t1019-2001 standards.

    The AMPXL UTP cat 5e cable can be used in a wide temperature range: -20°C...+70°C, and installed between 0°C and +50°C. The minimum bending radius factor (radius to diameter ratio) is 8.

    Name AMPXL Cat
    UTP 5e
    Code 500
    Wires solid copper conductors
    Ø 0.50 mm (24 AWG)
    Wire insulation HDPE
    Sheath PVC (gray/ blue)
    Outer diameter [mm] 5.0 ±0.3
    Copper content [kg/km] 14.9
    Weight [kg/km] 28.5
    Electrical parameters
    Impedance [Ω] 100 ±15
    Capacitance of any transmission path at 1kHz [nF/km] 50 ±1
    Nominal Velocity of Propagation (NVP) [%] 67
    Resistance of any transmission path [Ω/km] ≤ 188
    Asymmetry in capacitance of transmission paths to the ground [pF/km] ≤ 1600
    Insulation resistance [MΩ/km] > 500
    Installation and operation
    Operating temperature range [°C] -20...+70
    Operating humidity range [%] 0...100
    Installation temperature range [°C] 0...+50
    Minimum bending radius [radius to diameter ratio] >8

    The results of the measurements of the U/UTP kat. 5e cable conducted by the
    National Institute of Telecommunications in Shenzhen, China
    Pair resistance and resistance asymmetry testing.
    Cable Pair Wire Wire resistance [Ω/km] Resistance asymmetry [%]
    UTP cat. 5e 1 a 92,726 0,35
    b 93,054
    2 a 94,662 0,34
    b 94,982
    3 a 96,228 0,55
    b 96,755
    4 a 96,107 0,39
    b 95,733
    Required - - <150 ≤3,0

    Effective capacitance and capacitance asymmetry testing.
    Cable Pair Effective capacitance [nF/km] Capacitance asymmetry [pF/km]
    UTP cat. 5e 1 47,35 77
    2 44,87 132
    3 45,71 36
    4 46,70 5
    Required - - ≤1600

    Insulation testing.
    Cable Pair Wire Insulation resistance [MΩ/km]
    UTP cat. 5e 1 a 8,8·104
    b 1,2·105
    2 a 9,0·104
    b 1,6·105
    3 a 8,1·104
    b 2,0·105
    4 a 7,5·104
    b 1,1·105
    Required - - ≥50

    Tests of electric strength of insulation.
    Test method Test voltage VAC
    Applied (passed) Required
    Voltage applied between connected in parallel all a wires and all b wires 1000 1000

    End-to-end attenuation testing.
    Cable Pair Effective attenuation [dB]
    UTP cat. 5e 1 22,9
    2 22,8
    3 21,5
    4 21,2
    Required - ≤24,9

    Near End Cross Talk (NEXT) testing.

    Cable Pair to pair NEXT [dB]
    UTP cat. 5e 1 - 2 43,5
    1 - 3 47,9
    1 - 4 45,3
    2 - 3 44,9
    2 - 4 47,8
    3 - 4 41,4
    Required - ≥34,0

    Return loss testing.
    Cable Pair Return loss [dB]
    UTP cat. 5e 1 20,8
    2 21,2
    3 20,9
    4 19,9
    Required - ≥19,4

    Total Near End Cross Talk (PS-NEXT) testing.
    Cable Pair PS-NEXT [dB]
    UTP cat. 5e 1 36,94
    2 33,93
    3 33,63
    4 35,44
    Required - ≥31,0

    Transmission parameters
    The parameters show that AMPXL U/UTP 5e fulfills all requirements for Category 5e cables, with a large safety margin.
China polyethylene plastic pea netting
  • China polyethylene plastic pea netting
  • Bean & pea net is an extremely strong type of net. The net is well-suited for climbing plants such as clematis, ivy and the like. In greenhouses it is ideal for support of e.g. cucumbers and tomato plants.

    The net can be installed vertically as well as horizontally so that you have one plant in each mesh. As the plant grows, you can lift the net so that it keeps giving the plant the most optimal support.

    Due to the transparent light green colour, the net is almost invisible.

    Weight: 6-12g/sqm
    Mesh size:100X100mm,120X120mm,150X150mm, 150X170mm, 170X170mm, 200X200mm
    Width: 1-2.5m
    Length: 10m-1000m

    Above is our standard size, other size we can customize for you.
    Material: HDPE
    Color: Green, White
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95D31R auto battery scrap batteries for sale 12v b
  • 95D31R auto battery scrap batteries for sale 12v b
    Green, white and red color indicates clearly different car battery charging state.

    Low car battery defective rate, high cranking capacity and good anti-vibrating performance.

    Technology to maximize seal strength and prevent the car batteries from electrolyte leakage.

    Low electric resistance, light weight, strong movement of ions in vitriol solution, thus increase the car battery voltage and starting current to enable the battery keep good volume and stable condition.

    Protect the car batteries from vibrating and impact.

    To enable the car batteries with low water loss , minimized self-discharge rate and improved life cycle.

    To keep the car batteries anti-oxidization, anti-corrosion, less water loss, low self-discharge and superior performance
  • We are manufacturer and exporter of cow leather, lamb leather, sheep and goat leather, raw leather, scrap leather, liama leather from Bolivia, web blue leather, finished leather, top leathers from Brazil and Uruguay.

    Leathers for shoes, furniture, cars, handbags and more.
Liquid glass ceramic coating pro 9H hardness anti
  • Liquid glass ceramic coating pro 9H hardness anti
  • Item Height:11.5 cm

    Model Name:RS-A-CC01

    Item Width:4 cm

    Special Features:inorganic compound and nano oxide particles

    External Testing Certification:ISO9001

    Item Volume:100ml

    Item Length:4 cm

    Item Type:Gloss Seal for Car Paints

    Material Type:inorganic compound and nano oxide particles

    Item Weight:200 g

    What's included?

    100ml Nanotech Crystal Car Coating, 2 pcs of microfiber towel, 4 pcs of sponge applicator and 8 pcs of dust free paper.


    1. Anti-dust & Anti-static, easy cleaning.

    2. Anti icing & snow.

    3. Anti bacterial & Anti mildew.

    4. Anti-UV function. High firmness & anti-aging effect.

    5. World leading hydrophobic effect.

    6. 100% Colorless & Transparent nano coating.

    7. Anti-aging & Long service time, coating can last more than 2 years.

    8. Excellent scratch resistance & High abrasion resistance. High hardness and high brightness.

    9. Large coverage area.

    10. Wide application area: Glass, Painted Surface, Rim, Lamp Cover, Plastic, Rubber, Metal surface etc.

    11. Non-toxic, harmless and environmental friendly product.

    12. Use very easily. Apply at normal temperature and pressure. No need Heating. Natural drying 48 hours.
Black astm a500 grade b steel pipe in China
  • Black astm a500 grade b steel pipe in China
  • Our products all have pretty physical appearance with smooth outside welding. Compared with some other suppliers, we use a flat knife for scraping the weld line. Besides, the visual weld geometry size is in line with the actual requirements of different applications. On the other hand, tube shape mutation is easy to cause stress concentration. If the excess part of the welding is polished off in the pipe production process, this will somewhat eliminate part of the stress concentration. In addition, our workers are all skilled in the post treatment of pipes, who all have excellent professional experience for many years.

    we can produce different types of steel pipes and the length is controllable. Besides, we have advanced technology and equipment controlled by computer, which can customize the length of steel pipes according to the customers' requirements. In terms of galvanized steel pipes, the length we can produce is ranging from 3 to 16 meter while the length of black steel pipes is from 4.5 to 16 meter. The common lengths for galvanized steel pipe are 3.05m, 3.75m, 5.8m,12m, 7.3m,6m etc. As to black steel pipe, the common lengths are 4.5m,5.8m,6,9,12 etc. Generally speaking, allowable length tolerance is about 0-20mm using fixed length saw. The tolerance can be controlled under 5mm with the process of second saw cutting. Notably, the tolerance is even around ±1mm through the tool of small saw with below 100mm diameter.

    Contact us: enquiry@fwssteel.com

    Tel/Whatsapp: +8613388081802
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