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a probe we produce grain drying
  • a probe we produce grain drying
  • Grain Drying Probe
    The probe is designed to reduce the humidity of grain in bulk, in warehouses as well as directly in the vehicle (trailer). There is an integrated heating module that warms the rammed air. The probe has a built-in thermal protection, cutting the power supply to the heating unit if the fan turbine stops operation. The probe uses single phase power.
    1. Diameter - 125 mm;
    2. Height - 2000/1750 mm;
    3. Height of working part - 1000 mm;
    4. Flow of the fan turbine - 1800/2500 cubic meters / hour;
    5. Motor power - 600/750 watts;
    6. Heating unit power - 3200 watts.
    The probe can also be used as a traditional cooler if you do not use heating unit!
The main producer of Paulownia in Romania
  • The main producer of Paulownia in Romania
  • Planting Paulownia offer spring / autumn

    Paulownia Plantation AUTUMN 2016
    625 pcs € 2,000 seedlings / ha

    Paulownia Plantation SPRING 2017
    625 pcs € 1,200 seedlings / ha

    Offer price for orders please call us at phone number: +40741252222/+40743019318
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