Architectural glass liquid film construction tools

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Liquid films is a new type of thermal insulation material, it has many advantages such as thermal insulation, increased glass strength, anti-glare and anti-ultraviolet. It is mainly used for thermal insulation and UV protection of architectural glass curtain walls, automobiles, trains, airplanes, and special equipment. It is also used to isolate far infrared or electromagnetic waves in computer rooms and radar shielding areas.

The traditional liquid film construction adopts the processes of shower coating spray coating, roller coating, etc., and until uses the brush coating method to effectively reduce the waste of materials, but the surface uniformity is insufficient.
Here comes the melamine sponge coating film strips, which solves the problem of architectural glass liquid film construction.

Lfsponge window insulation coating is an excellent heat insulation film coating tools to support the liquid coating on the glass, the unique micro-fiber is exquisite and soft and uniform and that will reduce the loss of coating liquid, high efficiency and enhance results.

Life nano Sponge applicator is made of compressed melamine foam for high quality density 16kg/m3, avoide ordinary nano sponge fissile, easy wear and drop dregs problem. This window insulation coating tools kit is designed to maximize the surface area in contact with the liquid coating material, enable it to slide across coatings surfaces easily while maintaining laythe material flat. You can start with the right tools for smoother, more satisfying results.
High density: Stronger, powerful coating.
Flexibility: Wear-resistant, less dregs.

Lfsponge liquid coating apply tools is easier and more effective to coat windows like the pros do, saves you time, money and a lot of hassle.
We hope you to try this melamine sponge coating applicator at once, the results may surprise you.
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