OOO STARLINE (STARLINE LLC) is a fully registered company in Russia under the Federal Law and Doctrines of the Russian Federation. The largest independent trader in the non-ferrous concentrates market. STARLINE LLC work strictly and directly with top major refineries and huge oil and gas producing, distributing and exporting companies in Russian federation. STARLINE LLC handles every element involved in the distributing, sourcing, exporting, selling and trading of crude oil, petroleum products such as D2 gas oil, Mazut M100, jet fuel, fuel oil, gasoline, bitumen, sulphur, fertilizer and renewable energies, metals, metal ores, coal and concentrate for industrial consumers.
In the oil sector STARLINE LLC has access to more than 35 million barrels of storage facilities, with the top refineries in Russian federation. Our trading company has a good reputation due to policy "Client First". Under this policy, it is stipulated that "in all circumstances the choice, the will and the goals of our clients is reached first
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