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Botulinum Toxin, Neuronox, Botulax, Xeomin
  • Botulinum Toxin, Neuronox, Botulax, Xeomin
  • It will be a pleasure for us to work with your company if we could reach an agreement between our demand and your offer.

    We only operate with close Exclusive Rights Contract for the entire region of Eastern Europe. We work hard and we would not want to develop a market in our country to make the registration of the products and then these products to be offered by more companies. We want to register the products exclusively under our brand thus preventing other companies to make offers on our back. That’s how we work with AXIS DENTAL SWITZERLAND. They gave us such contract and we’ve applied their efficient business model and cooperation system of working exclusively with each and every client down to the tiniest detail. Would you be able to give us an answer to this inquiry of ours – EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT for the entire region of Eastern Europe as well as to register the products that we are interested in buying from you?

    The products that we are mainly interested in are: BOTULAX 50 UI, NEURONOX 50 UI AND XEOMIN 50 UI. We are looking to start with 500 pcs and then increase up to 1000 pcs and eventually bring it up to 10 000 pcs annually.

    Thank you very much.
  • € 30.00
handmade wooden balance bike
  • handmade wooden balance bike
  • - Funky red, green or yellow design, painted with non-toxic childsafe paint;
    - Comfortable rubber sculpted handgrips to fit little hands;
    - 7-position / 14 cm./ adjustable seat height - more than many other wooden balance bikes;
    - Upright, safe riding position similar to regular bike, with a very good point of balance;
    - Steering lock restricts turn to 45 degrees so bike will never jack-knife;
    - 12-inch pneumatic tyres with inner tube;
    - Made from birch plywood, with certified non-toxic glue;
    - All plastic and metal parts safety tested as non-toxic;
    - Meets all safety standards, Safety tested to EN 71, CE marked;
    - Minimal seat high: 28(26)/34(32) cm. / for Lilly/Z /;
    - 2 year guarantee;
    - adjustable wheelbase with 2 positions
  • € 33.90
Production of knitwear garments CMT
  • Production of knitwear garments CMT
  • MS & M Ltd. has strong long-term experience in manufacturing of men’s and women’s knitted garments.The company was established in 2003 and employs more than 100 people.
    We are specialized in production of dresses,skirts,pants,t-shirts, polo-shirts,and other knitwear. Technological cycle from fabrics to packaged garment is closed with quality control at all levels of cutting, sewing, trimming, ironing and packaging.
    Monthly production capacity is about ten to fifteen thousand units depending on the complexity of the models.
    We offer service concerning CMT production of clothing with materials supplied by foreign contarctors.Timeliness and quality are our priorities.
Manufacture of socks and knitwear
  • Manufacture of socks and knitwear
  • Our company “ELITEX” Ltd., Bulgaria, is a manufacturer of socks and knitwear, such as: T-shirts, pyjamas, underwear, sportswear and other textile apparel. We are also able to perform screen printing on textile.
    We are certified under ISO 9001:2015.
    Our factory has monthly production capacity of 70 000 pairs of socks, 15 000 boxers, 15 000 pyjamas, etc.
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