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  • ORBetter® Specifications
    Maintains its constant resistance for its entire life of the system once in it is set
    Performs in all types of earth conditions even during spelling
    Does not require periodical maintenance treatments or placement
    Does not require the constant existence of water to keep its conductivity
    Can be set completely within 3 days, then fully heals within 28 days
    Does not dissolve, de-compose, or breach into the earth
    Non-corrosive, non-harmful, no leakage
    Reduces any possible stealing due to conductors are too heavy to remove out
    Easy to carry 1kg., 5kg. and 25 kg. bags or buckets
    Only one person can install
  • € 18.00
  • Ref. Dimensions (mm) Material Weight (kg)
    AT- 000H 10x10x1500 Stainless steel 1,50

    AT-037H 16x16x1000 Stainless steel 1,86

    AT-038H 20x20x1500 Stainless steel 3,75

    AT-080H 16x16x2000 Stainless steel 3,21

    AT-099H 16x16x1000 Stainless steel 1,69

    AT-100H 16x16x1500 Stainless steel 2,36

    Ref. Dimensions (mm) Material Weight (kg)
    AT-168A 18x18x1000 Aluminium 0,26

    AT-169A 18x18x1500 Aluminium 0,36

    AT-171A 18x18x2000 Aluminium 0,47

    AT-172A 18x18x2500 Aluminium 0,57

    AT-173A 18x18x3000 Aluminium 0,68

    AT-174A 18x18x1000 Stainless steel 0,76

    AT-175A 18x18x1500 Stainless steel 1,08

    AT-176A 18x18x2000 Stainless steel 1,40

    AT-177A 18x18x2500 Stainless steel 1,72

    AT-178A 18x18x3000 Stainless steel 2,04

    AT-179A 18x18x1000 Galvanized steel 0,77

    AT-180A 18x18x1500 Galvanized steel 1,10

    AT-181A 18x18x2000 Galvanized steel 1,42

    AT-182A 18x18x2500 Galvanized steel 1,75

    AT-183A 18x18x3000 Galvanized steel 2,07

    Ref. Dimensions (mm) Material Weight (kg)
    AT-016H 16x16x2400 Steel / copper 3,00

    AT-017H 19x19x1800 Steel / copper 3,27

    AT-018H 19x19x2400 Steel / copper 4,35

    AT-019H 19x19x3000 Steel / copper 5,56

    AT-026H 16x14,30x2400 Steel / copper 3,00

    AT-027H 19x17,30x1800 Steel / copper 3,27

    AT-028H 17,30x17,30x2400 Steel / copper 4,54

    AT-029H 17,30x17,30x3000 Steel / copper 5,57

    AT-041H 16x16x2000 Steel / copper 2,50

    AT-042H 19x19x2000 Steel / copper 3,66

    AT-043H 14,30x14,30x3000 Steel / copper 3,74

    AT-053H 16x14,30x1800 Steel / copper 2,28

    AT-069H 16x14,30x1200 Steel / copper 1,50

    AT-071H 14,30x14,30x1500 Steel / copper 1,89

    AT-072H 14,30x14,30x2000 Steel / copper 2,53

    AT-076H 16x16x1200 Steel / copper 1,50

    AT-077H 16x16x1500 Steel / copper 1,89

    AT-078H 16x16x1800 Steel / copper 2,28

    AT-079H 19x17,30x1200 Steel / copper 2,15

    AT-081H 19x17,30x1500 Steel / copper 2,75

    AT-082H 19x17,30x2000 Steel / copper 3,62

    AT-086H 19x19x1200 Steel / copper 2,15

    AT-087H 19x19x1500 Steel / copper 2,75

    AT-098H 16x16x3000 Steel / copper 3,77

  • € 20.00
  • VIRTU Electromechanical Lightning Strike Counter is designed for takes all conducted lightning strikes under record. Likewise lightning terminals and grounding systems, lightning strike counters should alse be durable to extreme currents. VIRTU Lightning Strike Counter works with the arrested strikes own current and doesn't need any external battery. Counting digits can be modified as to client's preferences from 3 to 7 number digits. Light and being accordance with IP65 level durability makes VIRTU a perfect instrument to complete a lightning protection system.

    ►High voltage impulse durability
    ►Doesn't require external battery
    ►High quality Polycarbonate components
    ►Testable with ORBITAL Testers
    ►Fully compatible with the standards
  • € 35.00
ZERU ESE Lightning Terminal
  • ZERU ESE Lightning Terminal
  • ►High voltage impulse emitter
    ►Completely autonomous
    ►High quality stainless steel components
    ►Electroatmospheric capacitor-inside
    ►Testable with ORBITAL Testers
    ►Fully compatible with the standards
  • € 95.00
COMET ESE ACTIVE Lightning Terminal
  • COMET ESE ACTIVE Lightning Terminal
  • ►High voltage impulse emitter
    ►Completely autonomous
    ►High quality stainless steel components
    ►Electroatmospheric capacitor-inside
    ►Testable with ORBITAL Testers
    ►Fully compatible with the standards
  • € 75.00
Gourmet Style Natural Sauces
  • Gourmet Style Natural Sauces
  • As Gourmezz brand, we are producing Fresh made gourmet sauces based on Mediterranean and Middle East cusines without any additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers or other chemical ingredients. Moreover our sauces are made with honey instead of refined sugar. We have two types of products; Roasted Hot Pepper Sauce (Mild&Hot options) and Herbs&Balsamic Tomato sauce with a 12 months shelf life after pasteurization. Hot pepper sauce comes in 105 ml. glass jar (24 jars in a package) and Tomato Sauce comes in 300 ml. glass jar (12 jars in a package)
  • Buttons
  • We manufacture and source; Buttons, Rivets, Buckles, Snap Fasteners, Fabrics, Threads, Yarns, Zippers, all type of labels, Stone, Rhinestone, pearl attaching, Stitching services, logo and custom design of trimmings, knitting, embroidery, knitting, lace, and sequins.
  • € 0.09
Uv Printed Glass Art
  • Uv Printed Glass Art
  • The highest quality UV print on tempered 4 mm thickness first quality glass with rounded edges is one of the most stylish wall decoration option. Tailored by every details from material selection to product box design makes real difference. Highly durable against exterior factors, safe mounting accessories, hybrid design product boxes fulfill every expectation.
    Product dimensions are : 30x30 cm / 40x40 cm / 50x50 cm / 72x46 cm / 110x70 cm / 92x36 cm

    Insigne Glass Art Mounting Manual Video Link :

    Insigne Glass Art Endurance test video links :

    Please contact us about bulk order prices.
    Wish you the best.
  • € 4.00
Crude and Refined Degummed Rapeseed Oil
  • Crude and Refined Degummed Rapeseed Oil
  • We sell crude and refined rapeseed oil. Volume:
    Packaging: in bulk. Port of discharge: CIF – any European port. Price: 870 USD per MT.

    Our company sells rapeseed oil on permanent terms for biodiesel production and technical aims. Delivery in flexitanks. Volume: from 500 to 3000 tons per month.

    Terms of payment: 30% TT Prepayment
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