Digital mixers and audio equipment Behringer Midas

Digital mixers and audio equipment Behringer Yamaha Soundcraft Midas

we are wholesaler and authorized distributors of digital mixers and audio equipment, we sell at wholesale prices to retailers and private individuals. Terms and conditions apply

Below are some of the digital Mixers and audio equipment we have in stock. we also sell other products, not all the products are listed below:

Allen & Heath
Other Digital mixers product

Wholesale selling prices indicated below:

Soundcraft Si Expression 2 - 24-Channel=== 2000 EURO
Soundcraft Si Expression 3- 32-channel=== 2340 EURO
Soundcraft Performer 1 === 2920 EURO
Soundcraft Performer 2 === 3920 EURO
Soundcraft Si Performer 3 === 5020 EURO
Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 32 === 1240 EURO
Soundcraft Si Expression 1 - 16-Channel=== 1620 EURO
Soundcraft Si Impact=== 1670 EURO

Behringer X32 Rack=== 720 EURO
Behringer X32 Producer=== 840 EURO
Behringer X32 Producer-TP=== 955 EURO
Behringer X32 Compact=== 1050 EURO
Behringer X32 Compact-TP=== 1240 EURO

Midas M32R === 2250 EURO
Midas DL251 === 2580 EURO
Midas M32 === 2670 EURO
Midas PRO1 - Install Pack (mixer only)=== 6880 EURO
Midas PRO1 - Tour Pack=== 7750 EURO

Yamaha TF-Rack=== 1050 EURO
Yamaha TF1=== 1770 EURO
Yamaha 01V96i=== 1670 EURO
Yamaha TF3=== 2150 EURO
Yamaha TF5=== 2820 EURO
Yamaha 02R96VCM=== 9050 EURO
YAMAHA CL1=== 10,750 EURO
YAMAHA CL3=== 16,150 EURO
YAMAHA CL5=== 21,080 EURO

Allen & Heath Qu-16 Chrome Edition=== 1050 EURO
Allen & Heath Qu-24 Chrome Edition=== 1600 EURO
Allen & Heath Qu-32 Chrome Edition=== 2150 EURO
Allen & Heath GLD-80 - Chrome Edition=== 3900 EURO
Allen & Heath GLD-112 - Chrome Edition=== 4530 EURO

PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2AI=== 1000 EURO
PreSonus RML32AI - 32-ch Digital Rackmounted Mixer=== 1050 EURO
PreSonus StudioLive 16 Series III - 16-channel Digital Mixer/Recorder=== 1090 EURO
PreSonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI=== 1190 EURO

You can also contact us for other products , for more information E-mail us :
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