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Miboxer C4-12 Smart 3A Battery Charger 4 Slots
  • Miboxer C4-12 Smart 3A Battery Charger 4 Slots
  • C4-12 is a perfect battery companion with a power bank function.4 slots charging 3A simultaneously; 4pcs of 2000mAh battery can be fully charged in 1hour;Put the li-ion battery in 4th slot, can be as a power bank for digital devices, the output is 5V 1A.With the function of intelligent battery temperature control;Supports automatic and manual charging current setting, total 11 current gears for choice.Automatically stop charging when full charged.
BMS, Home Automation, Smart Home R&D For Sale
  • BMS, Home Automation, Smart Home R&D For Sale
  • We are R&D company, producer and developer of home/building automation systems (BAS/BMS) in POLAND/EU since 19 years.
    Currently we have ~100% percent of market needs on BMS, Building Automation, Smart Home System controllers:
    ⦁ wired/wireless communication
    ⦁ central switchboards
    ⦁ room-switchboards
    ⦁ socket cans
    ⦁ OEMs (PCB only for housing in third party products)
    Our system is suitable for instalation in: homes, buildings, hotels, offices, shopping centers, apartments, movable homes, campers, boats, etc.

    Whole system have a lot of variants of installation types, communication interfaces integrated together in hybrid system:
    - LAN (Ethernet) – for small/central switchboard instalations (Wired)
    - RS-485 – for small/central switchboard instalations (Wired)
    - CAN – (Controller Area Network) – socket cans/OEM (Wired)
    - RF 862,902/915MHz – socket cans/OEM (Wireless) based on CAN with RF module
    - WiFi b/g/n - socket cans & OEM (third party products)
    - BMS – for central switchboard
    - Hybrid – for integration all of above

    Main functions of whole BMS system:
    - security system (alarm with SMS notification/control)
    - roller shutter, gates, gateways control
    - RFID access control
    - IR Control support (transmit / reception / learning)
    - lighting, heating, dimming control
    - measurement, regulations, monitoring
    - A/V control (IR, Ethernet)
    - Cloud support
    - Java, Android, WWW visualizaction applications and graphical control
    - integrations / interfacing: modbus, HTML request, TCP/IP, UDP, MySQL, FTP, email, File System, SMS, DALI, DMX, etc.

    Exclusive offer contains:
    - firmware for microcontrollers including encrypted bootloaders,
    - software (configuration, visualization, remote-control),
    - hardware & schematic & design,
    - complete documentation (English, Polish)
    - rights, trademark, www domains

    Offer do not contains:
    Real estate

    More info:
Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Automation
  • With the help of current technology, any process can be automated, increasing productivity and eliminating human error. Automatic systems work 24/7, ensuring continuous flow and security of your business.

    eMVA Smart Control is a company able to build industrial automation from scratch and can bring improvements for existing systems. We provide technical support, both on-line and on-call, and system maintenance, both during warranty and post-warranty periods.

    We offer:

    You come up with the idea, we with the solution! Together we can develop a modern, fully automated, economical and performing system. We are flexible and offer solutions even for unique applications.

    Design and Development
    We design and develop the system that matches your needs! We make personalized scenarios so that the process runs safely, with minimal impact on staff and the environment.

    The system is designed, built and tested! We assure the installation, commissioning and training of the users, so that the system will function as fully as possible from the first day.

    For the system to function as you please, we ensure maintenance during the warranty period, but also post-warranty. Technical support, both online and telephone, is included.

    Our portfolio can be found at:

    For more information please contact us at
Electronic Dog Barking Collar Training No Bark
  • Electronic Dog Barking Collar Training No Bark
  • 1. Small and fine meniscus shape.
    2. Easy and convenient to test the functionality and sensitivity by blowing.
    3. 7 levels of sensitivity adjustment by “+” and “-“ buttons, to be suitable for different dogs and environment.
    4. There are two training modes: beeping sound and static shock.
    5. Automatically enter non-working status for 1 minute after 7 times of continuate training.
    6. 7 level of progressive training intensity to effectively discipline a variety of dogs, including those unruly ones.
    7. Adjustable leather leash from 6” to 30” to suit for different dogs: small, medium and large (not for huge)
    8. Simple and cost-effective.
Best Security Systems Provider
  • Best Security Systems Provider
  • We, Shenaya Holdings offer Electronic Security Systems such as a CCTV Camera systems, Intruder/Buglar Alarm Systems, EAS Systems, Door Phones,Industrial & Domestic Electrical Wiring, LED Power Saving Products, Polycarbonated Cielings, Bulding Constructions & Domestic & Industrial Painting.
Round battery gauge Dual LED discharge indicator
  • Round battery gauge Dual LED discharge indicator
  • Dual LED line Battery Indicator - battery gauge with dual LED line screen showing battery charge status graph, voltage or power volume percent or use-time counting hour. It suits for lead acid battery, SAL battery and li-ion battery in electric vehicle, boat, sweeper, mover and forklift.

    Display content:
    Battery’s remaining power volume LED bar with four colors (blue, green, yellow, red)
    Battery’s voltage (V)
    Battery’s charging percent (%)
    Hour count (H)

    Display: 10 LED Bar (1blue,4green.3 yellow.2 red LEDs) + 3 digital number
    Operating voltage: 5-100V
    Operating current: Lower than 20mA 
    Working temperature: -20̊C to 85̊C
    Dimension:housing case 60mm,cutout 50-52mm,U clamp:62x25x10mm
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