BMS, Home Automation, Smart Home R&D For Sale

We are R&D company, producer and developer of home/building automation systems (BAS/BMS) in POLAND/EU since 19 years.
Currently we have ~100% percent of market needs on BMS, Building Automation, Smart Home System controllers:
⦁ wired/wireless communication
⦁ central switchboards
⦁ room-switchboards
⦁ socket cans
⦁ OEMs (PCB only for housing in third party products)
Our system is suitable for instalation in: homes, buildings, hotels, offices, shopping centers, apartments, movable homes, campers, boats, etc.

Whole system have a lot of variants of installation types, communication interfaces integrated together in hybrid system:
- LAN (Ethernet) – for small/central switchboard instalations (Wired)
- RS-485 – for small/central switchboard instalations (Wired)
- CAN – (Controller Area Network) – socket cans/OEM (Wired)
- RF 862,902/915MHz – socket cans/OEM (Wireless) based on CAN with RF module
- WiFi b/g/n - socket cans & OEM (third party products)
- BMS – for central switchboard
- Hybrid – for integration all of above

Main functions of whole BMS system:
- security system (alarm with SMS notification/control)
- roller shutter, gates, gateways control
- RFID access control
- IR Control support (transmit / reception / learning)
- lighting, heating, dimming control
- measurement, regulations, monitoring
- A/V control (IR, Ethernet)
- Cloud support
- Java, Android, WWW visualizaction applications and graphical control
- integrations / interfacing: modbus, HTML request, TCP/IP, UDP, MySQL, FTP, email, File System, SMS, DALI, DMX, etc.

Exclusive offer contains:
- firmware for microcontrollers including encrypted bootloaders,
- software (configuration, visualization, remote-control),
- hardware & schematic & design,
- complete documentation (English, Polish)
- rights, trademark, www domains

Offer do not contains:
Real estate

More info:
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