GLPOLY Thermal pad vs. Bergquist Gap Pad TGP 5000

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What sort of product is Bergquist Gap Pad 5000S35? It is a high performance, electrical insulation, fiberglass reinforced thermal gap filling material. Many peers want to provide an perfect alternative to Gap Pad 5000S35, but they failed to do so.

GLPOLY takes Bergquist, Laird, Fujipoly as benchmark, trying to make high quality products, no matter the thermal performance or physical properties, we keep them as good as top brand products’.

Last week, we had a customer looking for Bergquist Gap Pad 5000S35. He said he had requested many samples, but no one can met his requirement or perform as well as Bergquist Gap Pad 5000S35. Usually, there are several problems.

1) thermal performance. Gap Pad 5000S35 is a high thermal performance gap pad with a thermal conductivity of 5.0W/mK, specially, it is fiberglass reinforced in the middle. This will increase thermal impedance and decrease thermal performance.

2) hardness. Gap Pad 5000S35 has a hardness of Shore00 35,it’s softer than most of thermal pad what our peers had made.

We recommended GLPOLY XK-P50 to replace Gap Pad 5000S35. There is a little difference between these two parts. XK-P50 provides similar performance to Gap Pad 5000S35 except fiberglass reinforcement, offerring low thermal impedance. The customer accept our recommendation and wish to test samples.

Customer lacked of confidence in our product, I could feel. But the test results surprised he finally, thermal conductivity was 5.0W/mK, the thermal impedance was lower than that of Gap Pad 5000S35.

GLPOLY XK-P50 provides a thermal conductivity of 5.0W/mK and a extremly low thermal impedance of 0.21℃in2/W. It is offered with natrual tack on both sides for ease of assembly.

GLPOLY thermal management materials have been applying to military equipment, marine telecommunication(Huawei), new energy vehicle battery pack, automotive electronics and more. Help keep your product reptation for high performance and reliability with complete portforlio thermal management materials.
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