Light therapy device for anti-aging facial rejuven

Three Colors In One Treatment Head For Anti Aging Wrinkle Relief Collagen Proliferation

This Medical CE marked PDT Device, with Model: 7000A, enable you to perform various treatment with the specific wavelength. To address needs that are specific to each skin type and condition

By using the cell-specific wavelength during treatment, the photons can access targeted photoreceptors, inducing a therapeutic photo response that improves blemishes, pigmentation, redness and wrinkles.

Outstanding performance PDT device
Kernel Photodynamic Therapy Model KN-7000A
Trichromatic SMD-LED light source
Dose/Time work mode

Intended use:

Applicable for inflammatory acne, eliminating inflammation, promoting wound healing Applicable places: Suitable for hospital dermatology, medical beauty department

Technical parameter
Work Voltage AC 220V­10%, 50Hz­2% or AC 110V­10%, 60Hz­2%
Rated Power 500VA
Working environment TEMP. 5~40¬C
Relative Moisture:≤95%
Atmospheric pressure:700hPa~1060hPa
Types of light LED: gene bioluminescence Output wavelength

red laser 635nm­10nm;
Blue-ray 415nm­10nm;
yellow:590nm­10nm; IR 850mm­10nm;
Green 535nm­10nm
Safety Classification I class
Working mode Continuously Working
Display mode 8” color touching screen
Irradiation mode Continues irradiation、pulse irradiation
Pulse frequency Ⅰ:2Hz;Ⅱ:5Hz;Ⅲ:10Hz
Irradiation area 850cm+/- ­10%
Working distance 6cm­1cm
Quantity of LED 1100 pcs
Timer function Equiped with timer, the error of timing doesn’t exceed ­2% of set value;

with the function of manual stopping exposure output
Time setting range: 0min~99min

Feature of LED photodynamic therapy

1-Suitbale for acne treatment, eliminating inflammation and promoting skin wound healing;

2-High power SMD LED light source in matrix array, high density, make higher intensityof irradiation, more uniform light spots; 3-Based on aerodynamic system design, combined with super thermal conductive material to ensure safe、 reliable and stable use in harsh environment;

3-ingle color light source((Red light、Blue light、Yellow light; )、two colors light source((Red+Blue, Red+Yellow, Red+Infrared, Yellow+Green, Yellow+Infrared)、three colors light source (Red+Blue+Yellow )integrated in one treatment head.

4-which with several wavelengths available for selection without the change of treatment head, meet the needs of clinical diversification programs;

5-Design with free stretching cantilever arm, give full consideration to ergonomic requirements, easy operation, to the maximum extent possible to meet a variety of clinical treatment environment needs;

Available color schemes:

1. Blue Light at 417 NM, improves the appearance of acne thanks to its purifying and antibacterial properties;

2. Green Light at 535 manometers: reduces melanin and pigment production thanks to its photo-lightening effects;

3. Yellow Light at 590 manometers: used for its healing, purifying and detoxifying properties;

4. Red Light at 633 manometers: increases collagen production by up to five times, triggering the skin’s repair mechanisms and stimulating fibroblasts and cell growth.
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