Medical imaging equipment service and sales

EMICO Medika is young, dynamically growing company with long term experience in medical imaging equipment field. We highly value our employees and customers.

Our customers are located in Eastern Europe to CIS countries and partners network envelops worldwide from Japan, Australia to Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands and other European countries as well as USA and Canada. Company is present at all major medical equipment exhibitions all around the world. We have gathered unique know-how knowledge that allows us to provide our customers unique, various complexity medical equipment-related projects.

Company services portfolio consists of:

Magnetic resonance imaging

- Magnetic resonance imaging tomography service maintenance (post-warranty service)
- MRI sales and installation/dismantling („turn-key“ projects, equipment inspection anywhere in the world after which detailed inspection report is provided to the customer)
- Magnetic resonance imaging spare parts repair (repair of any difficulty of modules, boards, components) and supply (new, refurbished and used spare parts)
- MRI coils repair, sales and refurbishment
- Cryogenic work (cold head, adsorber, compressor and Helium lines change, malfunction related to Helium troubleshooting, gradient coil repair and exchange work)
- Faraday cage (RF shielding) design, manufacturing and assembly in clients clinic
- Difficult logistic challenges solving (loading/un-loading infrastructure arrangment, site evaluation and provision of pre-installation recommendations). We will deliver MRI from anywhere in the world
- Magnetic resonance imaging tomography valuation services (identification of feasibility intersection point of of the customer's needs and financial possibilities in order to choose the right equipment)
- “Warm” magnets cool-down services (we will cool-down the magnet and fill it up with 90% of Helium)
- We work with high-field and permanent magnets
- EMICO Medika supports Siemens, General Electric, Toshiba, Hitachi, Philips, Esaote, XGY and other OEM models

Computed tomography

- Computed tomography (CT) service maintenance (post-warranty service)
- Sales, installation/dismantling („turn-key“ projects)
- Spare parts (repair and supply). Boards, components, x-ray tubes
- CT delivery from anywhere in the world
- Computed tomography evaluation services
- Computed tomography inspection services anywhere in the world

Other imaging equipment and services

- We consult on x-ray, mammography, ultrasound and other medical imaging equipment related questions
- We will help to design and organize medical center opening process

Please contact us and we will gladly consult you promptly and efficiently on all diagnostic medical equipment related issues.
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