Murata Capacitor GRM188R71E473KA01D

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Murata Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for General Purpose

1.Achieves large-capacity and small size in a multilayer structure.
2.Sn plating is applied to the external electrodes; excellent solderability.
3.High reliability with no polarity.

Main applications:

1. Rated voltage 100V Max.
High Dielectric Constant Type For decoupling and smoothing circuits
Temperature Compensating Type For tuning circuits,oscillating circuits,and high frequency filter circuits
2. Rated voltage 200V min.
High Dielectric Constant Type For clamp snubber circuits and smoothing circuits
Temperature Compensating Type Power supply damper snubber

L size 1.6 ±0.1mm
W size 0.8 ±0.1mm
T size 0.8 ±0.1mm
External terminal width e 0.2 to 0.5mm
Distance between external terminals g 0.5mm min.
Size code in inch(mm) 0603 (1608M)
Capacitance 47000pF ±10%
Rated voltage 25Vdc
Temperature characteristics (complied standard) X7R(EIA)
Capacitance change rate ±15.0%
Temperature range of temperature characteristics -55 to 125℃
Operating temperature range -55 to 125℃
Packaging Specifications Minimum quantity
D φ180mm Paper taping 4000
J φ330mm Paper taping 10000
Mass (typ.)
1 piece 6.3mg
φ180mm Reel 144g
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