IT Support and Cyber Defence

Every time you work on your computer or surf the internet (from a mobile device, at work or from your home) you make decisions and take actions that affect your cyber security.

As a result of the globalization of internet technologies, you are exposed to an increased risk to contact malicious individuals who have the skills and abilities to take advantage of any weakness in your computer system for the purpose of stealing money and information; fraud, violence and other interferences with personal and economic consequences.

Unauthorized access to your business data may have a negative effect on you and your partners.
Avoiding cyber threats has to do both with the ability to surf the internet correctly and the technical settings of the equipment.

You can get fast and professional help in case of any arising problem because we know that nowadays the development of successful business relies heavily on computer technologies.

We from Cyber Defence offer subscription computer support to small and medium companies which need professional care of their computer equipment.

Hiring a full-time computer specialist is often unprofitable whilst the need for computer support is beyond question!
That is why signing a contract for computer support with us is a profitable option with considerably lower cost and professional and timely service at the same time!

We use individual approach towards each company that we work with and we offer subscription plans according to your needs, budget and working time!

You can find below the services that we offer:

- Protection against unauthorized access to company data and resources.
- Installation and configuration of electronic signature for work with NRA sites, Commercial Register, Financial Supervision Commission, Electronic Banking, etc.
- Solving aroused computer problems with remote access software or visits on site.
- Repair of desktop computers and laptops. Diagnostics of computer systems, repair and delivery of computer components.
- Installing, configuring and updating software products, antivirus software, operating systems, and more. Hardware remote reinstalling machine for companies outside Sofia (where our company is based).
- Support for printers, scanners, webcams and other peripheral devices.
- Consulting when you need to purchase any equipment or software.
- Building and maintaining a website and e-mail.
- Support of local cable and wireless network - prevention of cable routes and system settings at the Intranet (internal network) level.
- Monitoring of communication equipment to protect against cyber attacks.
- Install, configure, and support a Windows or Linux based file server.
- Automatic data backup system (locally or on a remote server) to make sure your data is securely stored.
- Recovering unintentionally deleted information or information damaged as a result of a virus attack.
- Inventory of computer equipment and detailed documentation of the systems so you know exactly what you have at any time.
- Building video surveillance systems.

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