100% Natural Hardwood Charcoal, oak hardwood charc

We have the best charcoal to export with high experience in the field. We export many different type of charcoal and briquette, Charcoal and briquette, such as coconut shell briquette, sawdust briquette, hardwood charcoal, mangrove charcoal, charcoal vinegar, charcoal dust and ect. We can supply all customer with good quality charcoal and competitive price. We can be a part to drive your company achievement.

Produce and sell charcoal from hardwood oak 80% - 90%, ash, hornbeam , 100 tons per month.

Packing polypropylene bags of 12 - 15 pounds.

Moisture content: 3 - 5%
Ash content: 2,5%
Fixed carbon content: 82 - 86%
Calorific value: 8000 - 8500 Kcal/kg
Size: 10 - 200 mm.
Fixed carbon: 76-80% minimum
Volatile matter: 8% maximum
Burning rate: 7400kcal/kg Minmum
Burning Time : 3-5Hrs
Fraction - 30-120mm

Weare interested in supplyingour productsof high quality charcoalhard woodfor various purposes. 100% Natural Hardwood Charcoal (not treated with chemical product).

Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you desire. We would happily welcome the questions and comments you may have.
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