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Tobee® 6x4D-AH Slurry Pumps fly to USA for tunnel
  • Tobee® 6x4D-AH Slurry Pumps fly to USA for tunnel
  • Tobee® 6x4D-AH Slurry Pumps are a single-stage, single-suction and horizontal heavy duty centrifugal slurry pump with a cantilever design, The 6x4 slury pumps are mainly used in solids containing applications. Depending on process conditions, equipment should be suitable for highly abrasive or corrosive liquids.
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Tobee® Heavy Drilling Mud  14x12x22 Blender Pump
  • Tobee® Heavy Drilling Mud 14x12x22 Blender Pump
  • Tobee® Mission Magnum XP Heavy Drilling Mud 14x12x22 Blender Pumps are ideally suited for pumping high volumes of heavy slurries that are abrasive, corrosive. An excellent choice for high volume mobile and stationary applications where a small footprint is critical. The low stuffing box pressure can increase seal life approximately 50%. The extra-heavy shaft is designed for minimum deflection. The heavy duty bearings are permanently lubricated to minimize maintenance.
    Sales Manager/International dept.
    Add: Hi-tech Development Zone | Shijiazhuang City 050000 | Hebei Province | China.
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  • € 2,600.00
International Labour Broker
  • International Labour Broker
  • International Labour Brokerage company with thousands of highly skilled workers (including FNMs) in it’s file can supply workers for any large industrial project in Europe and elsewhere.
    We have close to 15 years experience in recruiting, screening and preparing candidate (including cross-cultural and language training) for their work in Canada, USA and some EU countries.
    If your company is interested in getting quality workers please contact:

Imported Long Burning Charcoal
  • Imported Long Burning Charcoal
  • We offer only the best 100% charcoal with no additives and chemicals. The finest charcoal for grilling and smoking. It is all natural and burns much much cleaner than your American "commercial" charcoal you find at your local grocery store. Also, the commercial briquettes are packed full of chemicals and do not give you a long burn time. This Mexican charcoal for sale is also able to provide all the heat you need for your BBQ smoker and you can just lay your cooking and smoking wood right on top of it. Expect to get more hours of heat time with this product compared to a couple hours from your local grocery store brand. Mexican charcoal is the secret to gourmet barbecue!

    Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We keep your products out of natures elements.
    charcoal for sale

    Aviation turbine fuels are used for powering jet and turboprop engined aircraft and are not to be confused with Avgas.

    Outside former communist areas, there are currently two main grades of turbine fuel in use in civil commercial aviation :

    Jet A-1 and Jet A, both are kerosene type fuels.

    There is another grade of jet fuel, Jet B which is a wide cut kerosene (a blend of gasoline and kerosene) but it is rarely used except in very cold climates.

    Best Regards.
    Devichenskiy Ilya Vyacheslavovich
    Phone: +79260041243.  
  • Gasoline
  • We sell:
    Gasoline A92 with Min. Quantity from 3.000 MT/monthly
    FOB Turkmenistan or CFR North Ports of Iran!
    Our Price: Platts Med-10 USD/MT.
    For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!
  • We OOO Universal Trading LLC, Russian based dealer of professionals and well connected to major A-listed suppliers with experience in so many- industries - ranging from mining, manufacturing and oil with connections and resources throughout the world, we are trading professionals, but above all we are serious people and time cautious. Our primary objectives are bringing together and facilitate transactions between serious & competent buyers and serious & performing sellers of non-oil / oil-related commodities.

    Our proposed business plans and program offers to our clients the ability to close transactions in a fast and efficient way - while mitigating concerns related to payment or uncertainty. We offer a wide range of petroleum derivatives that are directly from reputable refineries in Russia, Venezuela, Rotterdam and Houston. Among the distributed oil products are: DIESEL D2 / DIESEL D6 /GASOIL 500 PPM / JETFUEL JP 54/ MAZUT M100 / LNG GAS / LPG GAS / FUEL OIL / COKE PETROLEUM / REBCO as per attached soft offer for your review and reference. Your esteemed company is expected to send an official ICPO/LOI address to OOO Universal Trading LLC correspondingly so as to progress the transaction as anticipated; we also offer a wide range of non-Crude oil commodities like GOLD, PHOSPHORUS METALS and AGRO PRODUCTS (FERTILIZERS, SUNFLOWER OIL, SUGAR, WHEAT and CORN etc.

    We look forward to working with your esteem company on the long ru
Petroleum Products
  • Petroleum Products
  • We have the mentioned products available for sale.

    Looking for buyers of Jet Fuel, D2, D6, ULSD, CST, Mazut.

    Please contact us as soon as possible for offer and more details.
  • We Industrial Petrochemicals & Co. are direct official mandate company to titleholder refinery in the Russia Federation, Currently, our refinery have available products JET A/A-1 700,000 BARRELS, D6 50,000,000 GALLONS and D2 GAS OIL 500,000 METRIC TONS AT PLATT MINUS TO BUYER FOB Primorsk/Rotterdamcommercial sea ports. Kindly contact my emails, Skype: industrial.petrochemicals for the issuance of our official soft corporate offer for more clarification. Regards, ALYONA W.
offer to sell  (D2,D6,Jp54,Mazut)
  • offer to sell (D2,D6,Jp54,Mazut)
  • we are mandate company that connect prospective buyers to end- sellers and refineries that have reservoir oil in Rotterdam and Russian port.We are regularly selling D2,Jp54,D6,Mazut on CIF,FOB,CI-DIP & PAY.We are always at your service,Contact us for SCO.
Sell Offer - JP54, D2, D6, Mazut, JPA1, EN590, LNG
  • Sell Offer - JP54, D2, D6, Mazut, JPA1, EN590, LNG
  • We at Petroleum Trade LLC are reputable Seller of REBCO, Diesel D2, D6, Jet Fuel JP54, MAZUT M100, EN590, LNG, LPG and other petroleum products at market competitive price.

    Our clients count on our ability to perform our obligations which is swift delivery of products to clients on an FOB and CIF basis.

    Kindly contact us via email or Skype for more details in order to get you current offer of our available products.

    Skype: info_626736
Cashew nut shell liquid
  • Cashew nut shell liquid
  • Cat Loi Cashew Oil Production & Export Joint Stock Company are factory specializing in the manufacture of products from cashew nuts such as cashew nut shell oil (CNSL), cashew nut shell extraction (CNSE), CARDANOL based in Dong Nai province Vietnam with large numbers to meet the requirements in terms of quality and quantity for export.
    Cashew nut shell oil (Cashew nut shell liquid - Cashew oil - CNSL):
    Colour: Black Brown
    Viscosity: 260 Max
    PH: 7 Min
    Ash content: 0.8% Max
    Moisture: 1%
    Density (25 ° C): 0.960 max
    Volatile matter content: 2.0% max
    Packing: Flexibag - steel drum
Rextag Hart Energy - Oil Pipeline Mapping Service
  • Rextag Hart Energy - Oil Pipeline Mapping Service
  • Rextag Strategies offer a wide variety of beautiful and useful maps in electronic format. Please feel free to download as many as you need, and use them as you choose (per our Free Maps Policy Agreement).

    Click our website for more info.

    1616 S. Voss Road, Suite 1000
    Houston, TX 77057-2627 USA

    (619) 564-7313
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