We OOO Universal Trading LLC, Russian based dealer of professionals and well connected to major A-listed suppliers with experience in so many- industries - ranging from mining, manufacturing and oil with connections and resources throughout the world, we are trading professionals, but above all we are serious people and time cautious. Our primary objectives are bringing together and facilitate transactions between serious & competent buyers and serious & performing sellers of non-oil / oil-related commodities.

Our proposed business plans and program offers to our clients the ability to close transactions in a fast and efficient way - while mitigating concerns related to payment or uncertainty. We offer a wide range of petroleum derivatives that are directly from reputable refineries in Russia, Venezuela, Rotterdam and Houston. Among the distributed oil products are: DIESEL D2 / DIESEL D6 /GASOIL 500 PPM / JETFUEL JP 54/ MAZUT M100 / LNG GAS / LPG GAS / FUEL OIL / COKE PETROLEUM / REBCO as per attached soft offer for your review and reference. Your esteemed company is expected to send an official ICPO/LOI address to OOO Universal Trading LLC correspondingly so as to progress the transaction as anticipated; we also offer a wide range of non-Crude oil commodities like GOLD, PHOSPHORUS METALS and AGRO PRODUCTS (FERTILIZERS, SUNFLOWER OIL, SUGAR, WHEAT and CORN etc.

We look forward to working with your esteem company on the long ru
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