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We are producers of ostriches in Europe that contribute to the diversification of agricultural activity by inserting this exotic species as a resource, an agricultural subsector as an alternative to generate high quality protein meat and high production volume at low cost.

We undoubtedly offer a volume of production superior in time, quality and quantity, with significant profitability, with respect to livestock. The poultry meat, besides being protein, looks similar to the meat of cattle, but more tender and easy to digest. As an example, We are producing a healthier red meat, low in cholesterol, with polyunsaturated fat with Omega 9 and Omega 6, free of parasites and bacteria that could contaminate the consumer. In comparison to beef, a beef tenderloin has 13% saturated fat, while an ostrich tenderloin has 0.71% unsaturated fat and 21% protein. The meat is also free of chemical residues and growth accelerators. Currently, many oncologists prefer it because they present multiple benefits but especially prefer it for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

This project is aimed at the total use of the bird, first of all the meat, because it is healthier and free of bacteria. Compared to meat from livestock and meat from other species (according to studies carried out at the Central University of Venezuela and the milk and meat industries) estrus meat exceeds 20% of protein, its production is less expensive and with greater production in less time. Our production achieves a 100Kg bird in 8 months, from that bird 30kg of boneless meat is extracted and an average of 7kg of mini tender meat, 2kg gizzard, 2Kg liver, 2Kg heart, more profitable than bovine production.
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