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Fruit trees  Serbia
  • Fruit trees Serbia
  • Nursery from Serbia offers large quantities of fruit plants such as apples, pears, sweet cherries, cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, quince and hazelnuts for autumn 2019 and spring 2020. if you are interested in our products, do not hesitate to contact us
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Precision Casting Pump Parts by JYG Casting
  • Precision Casting Pump Parts by JYG Casting
  • Shandong Jingyanggang Metal Equipment Co., Ltd. (Shandong JYG Precision Casting) has been specialized in precision investment casting for over ten years. So we have a production line for shell mold casting. We can make any products the customers design. The maximum weight we can cast is 100kg while the maximum size is 100cmx20cmx350cm. The surface finish ranges from Ra3.2-6.2. Stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, carbon steel, heat-resistant steel, and alloy steel are among our main materials. Our product range is versatile, covering auto parts, machinery parts, marine hardware, construction hardware, pump & valve components ... .. you design it; we make it! We have a strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place and an experienced, highly skilled technical team that are committed to innovation and upgrade to our casting operation for many years. Besides we have a well-equipped in-house laboratory to monitor the production from materials to finished products.
Ningbo Xiatao Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd
  • Ningbo Xiatao Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd
  • Ningbo Xiatao Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd was established in 1998, and locates in the beautiful seaside city-Xiangshan,Ningbo. as a professional China Malleable Iron Fittings manufacturers and Malleable Iron Fittings factory, we are specializes in wholesale Malleable Iron Fittings, plastic Conduit connectors, zinc die-casting fittings,steel and malleable products. To control the quality,we have passed ISO9001:2015 and TS16949:2002 quality systemapproval,and some of the products got the approval of UL,CSA and ROHS etc. we has a team of skillful and experienced,which help customers to design reliable and effective solutions.

    Contact Information

    Ningbo Xiatao Plastic Industry Co, Ltd.
    Add : Binhai Industrial Park,Xiangshan, Ningbo,Zhejiang,China
    Tel : 86-574-65803802/65803801
    Fax : 86-574-65803805
    Email :
    URL :
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Linhai Zhengda Machinery Co.,ltd
  • Linhai Zhengda Machinery Co.,ltd
  • Linhai Zhengda Machinery Co.,ltd is a professional China Stone Edge Polishing Machine Manufacturers and stone polishing machine factory, was set up in 1978 and it is located in TAIZHOU, Now with an area of 80,000 square meters, intelligent office building and 50,000 square meters modern standard factories contain welding, casting and another three production areas.


    Tel : +86-576-85715999
    Email :
    Address : No.328 Huifeng South Road, Jiangnan Street Linhai City, Zhejiang Province, China
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TOBEE® AHF Horizontal Froth Pumps
  • TOBEE® AHF Horizontal Froth Pumps
  • TOBEE® AHF Horizontal Froth Pumps are heavy duty horizontal pumps designed to handle difficult tenacious froth.
    Email: | Mob: +86-18031340097 | Fax: +86 311-87221317 | Skype:+8618031340097
    Web: | |
Tobee® 6x4D-AH Slurry Pumps fly to USA for tunnel
  • Tobee® 6x4D-AH Slurry Pumps fly to USA for tunnel
  • Tobee® 6x4D-AH Slurry Pumps are a single-stage, single-suction and horizontal heavy duty centrifugal slurry pump with a cantilever design, The 6x4 slury pumps are mainly used in solids containing applications. Depending on process conditions, equipment should be suitable for highly abrasive or corrosive liquids.
    Email: | Mob: +86-18031340097 | Fax: +86 311-87221317 | Skype:+8618031340097
    Web: | |
Anti Termite Chemical
  • Anti Termite Chemical

  • Termisolve B PRO is unique and effective anti termite chemical.

    Termisolve B-PRO contains solvents and inorganic boric salts along copper compounds.

    In a nutshell it is a combination of modern chemistry and proven knowledge of our ancestors.

    Salient Features

    Termisolve B PRO is applied as a treatment to the surroundings of existing buildings to prevent and correct termite problems.

    Termisolve B PRO is ideal for pre and post constructed buildings Anti termite treatment of structures

    Anti termite treatment for timber structures and wood.

    Termisolve B PRO is ideal barrier between termites and the building.

    Termisolve B PRO can be used by following ways.

    Treatment at the foundation level.

    Treatment to top surface at plinth level.

    Treatment of soil at wall and floor junction.

Bamboo Preservative CCB
  • Bamboo Preservative CCB
  • Copper chrome Boron (CCB) is one of the best alternatives to CCA wood preservative.
    CCB is approved by American wood preservers association and confirms to IS 10013-Part III (1981).
    Our wood preservative CCB type is tested by National Test House, Kolkata
    CCB is fix type water borne wood preservative which provides fine protection to various wood damaging insects and factors.
    CCB is used in vacuum pressure method for best results.
    CCB is very effective against wood borers, fungi, decay, marine orgasms and termites and protects wood for a long time which is highly exposed and is in ground contact.
    CCB is safe to human being.
    CCB is suited for exterior use where as Boric Acid treatment is suitable only for interior use.
    Due to its high leach ability boric acid retains the natural color of the wood where as CCA gives an undesirable greenish yellow color to the wood.
    The preservation is generally carried out by impregnation under pressure and vacuum in cylindrical chambers. In vacuum pressure process the timber is subjected to an initial vacuum followed by pressure treatment and a final vacuum. It is ideal for deeping process also.
Waterproofing Compound
  • Waterproofing Compound
  • Mr. Expert PBR is special polymer based single pack waterproofing membrane. It is ideal for waterproofing of any surface which has moderate foot traffic.


    Mr. Expert PBR is used as waterproofing compound for
    slabs, terraces, balconies, basements, parapet walls, Water tanks, Ac sheets, roofs, decks etc.
    It is also used as bonding agent for old and new constructions

    Salient Features:
    Easy to apply
    Easy to maintain
    No technical workmanship required
    Resistant to salty winds, humidity and atmospheric changes
    Resistant to UV rays
    Excellent elastomeric properties
    Provides strong barrier for water and moisture
    Low dirt pick up
    Easy to clean
    Tough but flexible
    Can be used with reinforcing fibers
    Good abrasion resistance
    Fast drying
    Freeze/thaw resistance
    No blistering ,cracking and peeling
    Excellent exterior durability
Wood Preservative Glyborate base
  • Wood Preservative Glyborate base
  • Indiboromax is borate and glycol base new generation wood/bamboo preservative.
    Indiboromax contains borates which is natural base materials and is stomach poison for wood damaging insects and fungi..
    Borates are well known as stomach poisons that control wood damaging insects poisoning them when they ingest them. Additionally glycols offer wide spectrum application to the wood whether it is fresh or old one.
    Indiboromax active ingredient is disodium octoborate tetra hydrate which can be applied to wood by injection or spray. It creates protective layer of chemicals to wood which prevents and cures wood damaging factors. Chemical in Indiboromax penetrates the wood with its depth of final penetration depending on factors such as wood moisture content and wood density. The glycols are intended to enhance the penetration of Indiboromax in wood.

    Long Lasting Protection

    Borates are inorganic. This means that they will not degrade over time. As long as it is protected from moving moisture such as running water, the borate in Indiboromax will remain in place on and inside the treated wood for a very long period. And continue to protect it from insect and fungi attack for as long as it is in service

Wood Decking Oil
  • Wood Decking Oil
  • Ideal decking oil must meet the challenges made by natural deterioration of wood due to natural atmospheric changes, temperature variations, changes in moisture contents, mould and fungal attacks and ability for water repellency.
    Also it must have destructive UV rays absorption properties.


    NARSO Decking oil is specially formulated to enhance natural beauty of decks and exterior wooden furniture; It is ideal solution for exterior deck and furniture protection and maintenance.

    NARSO decking oil contains specially filtered natural vegetable oils and resins. For best results it is added with advanced UV rays absorption additives, anti mold and fungus additives and water repellent additives. NARSO decking oil is penetrating and hardening decking oil.

    Uses – Decking, garden furniture, and exterior wood. Virtually it is ideal for any type of wood

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Taizhou Hengyida Plastic Plumbing Factory
  • Taizhou Hengyida Plastic Plumbing Factory
  • Taizhou Hengyida Plastic Plumbing Factory was established in 2004. It is located in Taizhou City, a coastal city in the central part of Zhejiang Province, in the north of Ningbo City and in the south of Wenzhou City. Our specializes in the production of electric faucet instant hot water accessories and other products.
Technical service, cleaning, replacement of filter
  • Technical service, cleaning, replacement of filter
  • Technical service, cleaning, replacement of filters for production facilities,exhausting systems for fume cupboards , laminar boxes, clean rooms, air filters, appliances, production facilities, laboratories, silos, mills, commercial premises and clean rooms
    Repair and maintenance of laboratory equipment
    We have offices in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Germany, Austria, Netherlands and fulfill orders all over Europe
Haiyan Jiahu Decoration Materials Co., Ltd
  • Haiyan Jiahu Decoration Materials Co., Ltd
  • Haiyan Jiahu Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is a modern decoration material coating enterprise specializing in the production, processing, sales and roll coating of aluminum coil sheets. We provide high-quality, high-grade, environmentally-friendly and weather-resistant fashion decorative materials for domestic and foreign decorative finished products manufacturers.
    Founded in 2003, the company is located in the Hangjiahu area of ??the Yangtze River Delta with superior geographical environment. It covers an area of ??33,000 square meters, with a modern standard factory building of 20,000 square meters.

    Contact us
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Parts Machining
  • Parts Machining
  • General Parts Machining - for fixtures, accessories, machine parts - using CNC milling, turning, waterjet, plasma cutters (...)
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