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AAC15 Aluminum alloy cable seal
  • AAC15 Aluminum alloy cable seal
  • Dimension of aluminium alloy(LxWxH): 26x22x6mm. Cable diameter : 1.5mm/2.0mm/2.5mm (standard Wire length : 250mm , Wire length can be customized)     
    Tensile strength : >2.0KN.   
    Aluminium alloy lock body, zinc casting locking core.
    various color : red / green / blue / yellow / gold , etc.
    Marking : LOGO / QR code / Barcode / Sequential numbers
  • € 0.12
AC18 Hexagon cable wire seal
  • AC18 Hexagon cable wire seal
  • Cable diameter : 1.8mm (Wire length : 300mm , Wire length can be customized)     
    Tensile strength : >1.5KN.    
    ABS injection coated with metal head , zinc casting inner locking core.
    various color : red / green / blue / yellow / white , etc.
    Marking : LOGO / QR code / Barcode / Sequential numbers .
  • € 0.04
Investment Casting Auto Parts By JYG Casting
  • Investment Casting Auto Parts By JYG Casting
  • Shandong Jingyanggang Metal Equipment Co., Ltd. (Shandong JYG Precision Casting) has been specialized in precision investment casting for over ten years. So we have a production line for shell mold casting. We can make any products the customers design. The maximum weight we can cast is 100kg while the maximum size is 100cmx20cmx350cm. The surface finish ranges from Ra3.2-6.2. Stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, carbon steel, heat-resistant steel, and alloy steel are among our main materials. Our product range is versatile, covering auto parts, machinery parts, marine hardware, construction hardware, pump & valve components design it; we make it! We have a strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place and an experienced, highly skilled technical team that are committed to innovation and upgrade to our casting operation for many years. Besides we have a well-equipped in-house laboratory to monitor the production from materials to finished products.
Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml/330ml
  • Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml/330ml
  • Specification of Product:
    Technical Details
    Brand: Red Bull
    Product Dimensions 32.8 x 21.6 x 13.6 cm
    Manufacturer reference RB0375
    Storage Instructions :Cool and dry conditions ,Serving Recommendation Ice cold straight or as a mixer with alcohol
    Package Information: Can
    Manufacturer/Producer Red Bull and Labeling: - Packing shall be done in trays and pallets as show or as per buyer specification or otherwise buyer advise and shipping in 20ft / 40 ft Container or buyer may advise packing. -
    Buyer Label Accepted for packaging . Packing Details: 250ml Cans 24 cans in Case 108 cases on Pallet Full Truck: 33 Pallets (3,564 Cases ) 20ft Container: 24 Pallet
    Red Bull
    Year of manufacture
    Country Germany
  • € 4.00
Electric Lift Truck-PC020-04
  • Electric Lift Truck-PC020-04
  • ● Size : 46in(L)x27in(W)x35in(H)
    ● Table size : 46in(L)x27in(W)
    ● Hight of the table : 17in(Min)〜40(Max)
    ● Speed of lifter : 0.24in/s
    ● Weight: [PC020-04] 115kg
    ● Speed : High-speed/Low-speed switchable
    〔High speed setting〕3.6mi/h (Forward) • 1.2mi/h (Backward)
    〔Low speed setting〕1.9mi/h (Forward) • 0.8mi/h (Backward)
Sea Transport Consultancy
  • Sea Transport Consultancy
  • Do you know how much sea freight really is?
    Do you want to check if you've got best rate?
    It's your agent/broker correct enough?
    Do you need cost optimization?
    Do you know what delivery terms suit you?
    Do you have other questions?
    Contact me
  • Pallets
  • Transport pallets
    Size: 600 * 400 * 130 mm 1,6 EUR/pc
    Maximum load: 200 kg
    Size: 800 * 600 * 130 mm 2,1 EUR/pc
    Size: 1200 * 800 * 130 mm 3,3 EUR/pc
    Maximum load: 250 kg
    Material: recycled paper
    Hydrophobic treatment: waterproof
  • € 1.6
Laser Platinum Spark Plugs 7092 BKR6EGP FR8DP PQ20
  • Laser Platinum Spark Plugs 7092 BKR6EGP FR8DP PQ20
  • Laser spark plugs provide high ignitability and longer service life. Platinum surfaces ensure slow wear rate providing stable idle, superior anti fouling, improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

    1.Laser welded Platinum center electrode tip

    2.Platinum disc welded to backside of ground electrode provides long lifeTrivalent

    3.Metal Plating provides superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties

    4.Faster starts and quicker accelerationBetter fuel economy and lower emissions

    Best Platinum spark plug available Original Equipment Manufacturer approved design
Rubber Tyre
  • Rubber Tyre
  • Dear Sir/Madam, (HS 401110)
    We would like to offer: rubber tyre. For passenger car, light truck and truck. Typical characteristics of tyre for passenger car: radial, steel or nylon thread belted and tubeless. Classification: V and W. Conforming to local and international standard: SNI (Indonesian National Standard), DOT (USA), E-marking (Europe) and Gulf standard (Middle East). Produced under ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. Also available tubes and flaps for light truck and truck. Tubes and tires for motorcycle and bicycle available too. Product of Indonesia. For any interested parties, pls kindly contact for further details. Thank you. Contact: +6285892224657 (whatsapp, viber).
Ameson factory high performance air bubble film ma
  • Ameson factory high performance air bubble film ma
  • Xiamen Ameson New Material Inc. which established on 2006, we are professional in air cushion packaging, all products with our own patent and manufactured in our factory, for a better quality control and cost saving.

    We design, produce machine and consumable materials, also provide packaging solution.
    We are the earliest company engaged on air cushion packaging in China, have professional R&D team and patent right.
    We have distributors in many countries with great sell networks.

    all kinds of air packing material and air cushion machine
Insta Car Transport
  • Insta Car Transport
  • Are you looking to buy a car online but don’t know how to transport it? Don’t worry, we from Insta Car Transport can help you with that. Come and request your free auto transport quote. After that you can book your place on a carrier and get your car to you!
    If you are moving but don’t want to drive your car across the states, there is a solution for you – auto transport! We, from Insta Car Transport, work hard to deliver your vehicles to the destination of your choosing. Visit our website and request a quote so that you can reserve a place in our schedule!
road transport service
  • road transport service
  • Welcome All.
    we would like to offer our road transport service on the roads of Europe & Asia .
    over 18 years of experience and references
    we never say ---NO
Teltonika Trackers and Monitroing Solution
  • Teltonika Trackers and Monitroing Solution
  • Teltonika offer wide range of fleet management products dedicated for professional applications. We constantly upgrade our existing products and launch new ones to meet expectations of our customers.
Royal forklift 2.5 ton diesel forklift truck RY
  • Royal forklift 2.5 ton diesel forklift truck RY
  • Specifications
    Lifting Capacity: 2000-2500 KGS
    Power Type: Diesel
    Engine: Japanese Engine, Chinese Engine
    Certificate: CE & ISO

    Suspension Chassis & Suspension Engine : low vibration & noise
    Right Positioned Operating Handler: decrease tiredness of arm and shoulder
    Suspension Foot Brake Pedal: increase brake effort and safety
    New Shape Tube Of Overhead Guard: Enclose the cabin better
    New Hand Brake With Button Design: Save effort and increase safety
    24 Degree Cone Shape Hydraulic Pipe: Stand more pressure
    Unique Radiator Design: Easy to maintain and service
    Excellent Cooling System
    Reliable Hydraulic system
    (For more details, pls contact us)

    Japanese Engine: Mitsubishi S4S (Isuzu C240/Yanmar98 available)
    2 Stage Wide View 3M Mast
    Fork Length: 1070 mm
    Tyre: USA Carlisle Pneumatic Tyre
    Hydraulic Transmission: TCM technology hydraulic transmission
    Hydraulic Pump & Control Valve: Japanese Brand Shimadzu
    Copper Radiator
    Toyota Style Seat With Safety Belt & File Holder
    LED Lights
    USA Dupont Iced Blue Paint
    Buzzer, Working Lights, Reverse Alarm Lights.etc.
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