New-tech Double Stage Transformer Oil Filtration

Product Introduction:
ZYD double stage transformer oil filtration can remove water and gas in the insulating oil under high temperature and vacuity. it use more precise filter system to filter out impurities(filtering precision: 1-3um). It is mainly used for purification of oil for transformer with voltage higher than 220kv. It can increase oil breakdown voltage by at least 40kv.They are suitable for oil treatment, vacuum oil injection, and cyclic hot-oil drying in the installation and maintenance of big transformers.

1.To remove free, soluble water, carbon, free and dissolved gases and particulate matters from insulating oil effectively and rapidly.
2.Enhance the value of breakdown voltage greatly.
3.Easy handling and maintenance.
4.Inject oil into the transformers
5.Online work
6.Lower maintenance and replacement expenses
7.High efficiency and effectiveness
8.Available in mobile or stationary options.
9.Small size, light weight, low noise
10.Various sizes and configurations (alloy shield) available.

1 Enhance the value of breakdown voltage of oil greatly.
2 Easy handling and maintenance. It is available that online work. The plant can provide the ability of injection oil into the transformers without extra accessory.
3 Lower maintenance and replacement expenses.
4 High efficiency and effectiveness while small size, light weight, and low noise

Pls contact: Jay Ai
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