Triple-Tube Tubular Sauce Paste Puree Pasteurizer

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Fully-automatic Tubular Sterilizer | Triple-Tube Pasteurizer

This Fully-automatic Tubular Sterilizer | Triple-Tube Pasteurizer is ideal for such thick or viscous products as sauce, paste and puree. Triple-tube, three concentrically mounted tubes. For heat transfer applications, the heating or cooling medium flows through the space between the inside and outside tubes while product travels in the opposite direction through the middle tube. High-efficiency heat exchange. Many hours of continuous production almost without burn-on problem. CIP system included. Grade 316L stainless steel product-contact parts, 304 stainless steel external tubes and frame.

Brief Introduction:
1. Applicable products: any good-fluidity product as milk, juice, thick or viscous products as sauce, paste and puree
2. Usage: pasteurizing the above products on production
3. Pasteurizing capacity: 3T/H
4. Processing temperature: 85-115 degrees c (adjustable)
5. Process: product feeding below 65 degrees c. -> pasteurizing 85-115 degrees c. -> holding 0.5-3 mins -> heat recovery -> cooling below 45 degrees c. -> filling

6. Features:
1) Fully-automatic, PLC controlled
2) Easy temperature control at pasteurization
3) Easy temperature control at outlet

Power consumption: 12 kW
Heat exchange area: 45 square meters
Product inlet and outlet diameter: ¢38
Product-contact material: grade 316L stainless steel,¢63/38/25 x 1
Cold water inlet and outlet diameter: ¢51
External tube material: grade 304 stainless steel, ¢89 x 2
Cold water consumption: 12 t/h
Tubes sterilization temperature (self-controlled): 125±1 degrees c.
CIP system included
Filtered water inlet and outlet diameter: ¢38
Filtered water consumption: 5T/H (for CIP use)
Steam consumption: 180 kg/h
Steam pipe diameter and thickness: ¢51 x 3mm
Compressed air consumption: 0.3 m3/min
Compressed air pressure: 0.6 MPa
Machine dimensions: 6000(L)x2000(W)x2200(H) mm
Machine Weight: 2.5 tons

Advantages of triple-tube heat exchanger:
1) Many hours of continuous production almost without burn-on problem.
2) High working pressure.
3) Processing of particulate or fibre products
4) Easy to clean and low maintenance costs.
5) PLC controlled, easy to operate.
6) Outflow temperature easy to be controlled.

We also have a capacity matched 200-220L Bag in Drum Aseptic Filler.
Calmus Machinery
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