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NEW NIDEK LE-9000EX Express Patternless Lens Edger
  • NEW NIDEK LE-9000EX Express Patternless Lens Edger
  • Brand NEW NIDEK LE-9000EX Express Patternless Lens Edger

    Faster Processing & Edging
    Direct Drive Wheel Motor
    Simple To Use
    Robust Engineering and Construction
    Seamless Integration With The ICE-9000
    Fully Automatic

    NIDEK's newest EX series of patternless edgers provides automatic chamfering and grooving, with a new multidisk arm that grooves and chamfers in one operation. The optimal chamfering amount can be set by selection of chamfering parameters. Grooving is achieved automatically with pin-point accuracy.
  • € 2,785.00
New Nidek ORION Auto Fundus Camera
  • New Nidek ORION Auto Fundus Camera
  • Feature:
    Highly automated image acquisition
    High-resolution (7µm) color fundus images
    Mosaic at 1,800 x 1,800 pixels (3.2 mega pixels)
    Unique voice-guided operation
    Highly automated image acquisition
    The ORION is a highly automated non-mydriatic fundus camera that works without the assistance of an operator.
    High-resolution (7µm) color fundus images
    The ORION provides high-resolution color fundus images corresponding to a 7µm of optical resolution.
    Mosaic at 1,800 x 1,800 pixels (3.2 mega pixels)
    The ORION automatically captures 5 retinal fields and composes them in a single color mosaic at 1,800 x 1,800 pixels (3.2 mega pixels) resolution.
  • € 4,570.00
Fujifilm Dimatix Material Printer DMP-2831
  • Fujifilm Dimatix Material Printer DMP-2831
  • 3D printer by Fujifilm model DMP-2831 also include the Dell pc, visible on the photo, which includes an i5 processor and software to operate the printer.

    System Description

    · Flat substrate, xyz stage, inkjet deposition system

    · Low cost, user-fillable piezo-based inkjet print cartridges

    · Built-in drop jetting observation system

    · Fiducial camera for substrate alignment and measurement

    · Variable jetting resolution and pattern creation PC-controlled with

    · Graphical User Interface (GUI) application software

    · Capable of jetting a wide range of fluids

    · Heated vacuum platen

    · Cartridge cleaning station

    · Includes PC and software

    Mechanical System

    · Printable area

    - Substrate < 0.5 mm thickness: 210 mm x 315 mm (8.27 in x 12.4 in)

    - Substrate 0.5 - 25 mm thickness: 210 mm x 260 mm (8.27 in x 10.2 in)

    · Repeatability: ± 25 µm (± 0.001 in)

    · Substrate holder

    - Vacuum platen

    - Temperature adjustable; ambient to 60° C

    · System Footprint: 673 mm x 584 mm x 419 mm (26 in x 23 in x 16 in)

    · Weight approximately 43 kg (95 lbs)

    · Power 100-120/200-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 375 W maximum

    · Operating range 15-40° C at 5-80% RH non-condensing

    · Altitude up to 2000 m

    · Safety and EMC compliance

    - Safety: NRTL Certified to EN 61010-1, UL 61010-1, CSA 22.2 No. 61010-1

    - EMC: EN61326-1 Class A, FCC Part 15 Class A

    Fiducial Camera

    · Allows substrate alignment using reference marks

    · Allows positioning a print origin or reference point to match substrate placement

    · Provides measurement of features and locations

    · Provides inspection and image capture of printed pattern or drops

    · Provides cartridge alignment when using multiple cartridges

    · Allows matching drop placement to previously patterned substrate


    · Type: Piezo-driven jetting device with integrated reservoir and heater

    · Usable Ink Capacity: Up to 1.5 ml (user-fillable)

    · Materials Compatibility: Many water-based, solvent, acidic or basic fluids

    · Number of Nozzles: 16 nozzles, 254 µm spacing, single row

    · Drop Volume: 1 (DMC-11601) and 10 (DMC-11610) picoliter nominal

    Control PC and Application Software

    · Pre-loaded patterned templates

    · Pattern preview

    · Editors: Pattern, piezo drive waveform,

    · cleaning cycle, substrate setting

    · Bitmap (1 bit) files accepted

    · DXF, Gerber, GDSII and OASIS file conversion to Bitmap

    Replaceable Items

    · Print cartridge with one-time user-fillable reservoir

    · Cleaning station nozzle blotting pad

    · Drop watcher fluid absorbing pad
Liquid glass ceramic coating pro 9H hardness anti
  • Liquid glass ceramic coating pro 9H hardness anti
  • Item Height:11.5 cm

    Model Name:RS-A-CC01

    Item Width:4 cm

    Special Features:inorganic compound and nano oxide particles

    External Testing Certification:ISO9001

    Item Volume:100ml

    Item Length:4 cm

    Item Type:Gloss Seal for Car Paints

    Material Type:inorganic compound and nano oxide particles

    Item Weight:200 g

    What's included?

    100ml Nanotech Crystal Car Coating, 2 pcs of microfiber towel, 4 pcs of sponge applicator and 8 pcs of dust free paper.


    1. Anti-dust & Anti-static, easy cleaning.

    2. Anti icing & snow.

    3. Anti bacterial & Anti mildew.

    4. Anti-UV function. High firmness & anti-aging effect.

    5. World leading hydrophobic effect.

    6. 100% Colorless & Transparent nano coating.

    7. Anti-aging & Long service time, coating can last more than 2 years.

    8. Excellent scratch resistance & High abrasion resistance. High hardness and high brightness.

    9. Large coverage area.

    10. Wide application area: Glass, Painted Surface, Rim, Lamp Cover, Plastic, Rubber, Metal surface etc.

    11. Non-toxic, harmless and environmental friendly product.

    12. Use very easily. Apply at normal temperature and pressure. No need Heating. Natural drying 48 hours.
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