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Tooth stain eraser lfsponge oral care teeth clean
  • Tooth stain eraser lfsponge oral care teeth clean
  • Tooth stain eraser lfsponge oral care teeth clean kit

    lfsponge new teeth eraser has a specially designed cleaning tip to gently lift off surface stains. Simple to use you can achieve a noticeable effect after the first use. Helps to remove stains caused by tea, coffee, cola, red wine, food and tobacco for whiter, brighter teeth.

    Plaque can harden into tartar in a matter of hours, once it adheres to teeth, tartar cannot be removed by brushing. which is why it's so important to brush daily.

    New teeth eraser from lfsponge is 2020 innovative teeth cleaning kit, it can works fast to absorb stubborn stains and dental plaque ,which caused by smoking, tea, coffee, fruit juice, chewing areca-nut, and other food colourings. It help you maintain your teeth whitening in 1 minutes, anytime and anywhere you can do.

    New teeth eraser main Advantages
    1/ Effective& Painless , Nano Tube Technology,Easily absorb teeth stains
    2/ Instantly Restore White Teeth: Fast to remove teeth stains/plaque
    3/ Not hurt enamel: Chemical free, erase teeth stains with water only.
    4/ stylish design: make it possible to take it with you. onvenient for using it anytime or anywhere you want.

    Customized package is available.

    Caution: Please clean your mouth with water after using the oral hygiene tooth kit. It is not recommended for children to use this product.
3 ply Non Woven Disposable Surgical Face Mask
  • 3 ply Non Woven Disposable Surgical Face Mask
  • Specification

    Masks are made of three spheres: 1 ball - non-woven material, 2 ball - filter paper (protection against viruses and bacteria by 99%), 3 ball - non-woven material;
    Aluminum retainer, nose clip;
    With rubber loops;
    For single use;
    50 pieces in a cardboard box or 100 pieces in a plastic bag.

    10 box/carton

    Metal Adjustable Nose Strip
Auteurs Impex An OEM Appareal Manufactuer
  • Auteurs Impex An OEM Appareal Manufactuer
  • Fashion/Street wear: Mode / Streetwear:

    If you run a street wear brand or you are a merchandiser and Looking for an OEM Apparels manufacturer factory OEM Bekleidung Hersteller Fabrik
    look nowhere else than Auteurs Impex send us your designs and other requirements in PDF or AI format We will make a Mock up and give you a quote right away with affordable logistic services and best after sale services.
    We offer Soft touch Azo free, Azo reactive non bleeding anti piling fabrics in various knitting styles and Color selection of Clients choice. Fabric Composition Options are 100% Cotton, (80% Cotton - 20% Polyester), (50% Cotton - 50% Polyester), 100% Polyester or as per Clients Requirement.
    We normally Use 290 to 320 GSM for fleece fabric and 170 to 190 GSM for Jersey fabric but client can always tell us their preferences and choice and get their Required GSM for their Orders.
    We offer the highest quality garments with completely customizable Color schemes, Size breakups, Designs, Logos and Materials Via embroidery, applique badge and transfer printing. Elegant and long-lasting garments with in your target price range and with great stretch recovery and wear & tear properties.
    We are a Low moq custom hoodies and sweatshirts Manufacturer and Low moq custom joggers and trousers makers.
    a Low moq custom hoodies und sweatshirts Manufacturer und Low moq custom jogger und hose makers. So, you can place order or even 25 pcs per article.

  • € 14.00
biker jacket winter jacket
  • biker jacket winter jacket
  • We specialize in making extremely authentic, high quality ladies & gents leather garments and accessories. Latest and traditional handmade high-quality leather garments and individual pride in making something well is rare ethic these days. The main focus of our team the fineness of cloth, texture and feel of leather and the sensation of putting something on that's makes you feel special. For Contact. Join us today free.
    We have transformed our competences, products and services from not only having focus on production of leather garments but developed high skills on trends and forecasting for the fashion industry. For More…
  • € 40.00
Special designed EDC belly band gun holster NEW
  • Special designed EDC belly band gun holster NEW

    - BE QUICK AS A WYATT EARP. This is the only belly band holster all around here where you don´t need any retention strap. However You can do a handstand and guns won't fall out. You´ll find it helpful when you don´t want to make a noise with opening the velcro or fight in nervousness with metal clip. Because, when it comes to life, every second decides whether you will survive or not.
    - Our elastic belly band holster is constructed of the incredibly comfortable yet extremely durable neoprene. It comes in black and it makes carrying different guns an easy task.It fits an array of guns such as the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard, the Colt 1911, the Glock 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 26, 42, 43, the SIG Sauer P228, P238, the Ruger LCP and other comparably sized handguns.
    - Both men and women alike can make use of this concealed gun holster. Doesn't matter if you draw by right hand or left hand and is sized so that one size fits all (any waist size up to 47 inches). It can be worn with just about anything; suit and tie, jeans and T-shirt, gym shorts, and even a bathing suit! It means YOU DON´T NEED TO REDUCE YOUR CHOICE OF WARDROBE
    - To make our Advanced belly belt holster even more useful for you, we have created special storage space. It allows you carrying 2 guns, next you will have 6 pouches for magazines, flashlight, telescopic rod,knife, keys, mp3 player etc., 2 pouches for smartphones, handcuffs, passport or something bigger and 1 zipper pouch for money and credit cards. This THE BEST VALUE FOR CONCEALED (EVERY DAY) CARRY AVAILABLE

    Your search for the best belly band holster is finally over. When
    you purchase from us today, here's just some of the things
    you can look forward to:

    First things first, this one is good for your skin and won’t cause excessive itchiness as the
    band material is made of neoprene. YOU WILL FEEL VERY COMFORTABLE.

    Thanks to a SPECIALLY DESIGNED HOLSTERS you can very quickly draw a guns
    and use them.

    The versatility of ways in which to wear this holster also makes it a great idea, as different

    CARRY NOTHING BUT THE ESSENTIALS: If you don't want to wear a bulky fanny pack just
    to carry your keys, phone and a piece of ID when you are running or exercising,
    this belly band holster is exactly what you are looking for.

Fortune Teller Yorubà - Cartomante Yorubà
  • Fortune Teller Yorubà - Cartomante Yorubà
  • .*•.¸( *•.¸Studio di Cartomanzia Cartomante Yoruba'¸.•*´)¸.•*.
    Un consulto a basso costo per tutti coloro che hanno domande da porre circa l'Amore, la Famiglia, il Lavoro, gli Affari, ecc...!
    30 minuti di tempo per rispondere attraverso la lettura dei Tarocchi. Il consulto viene svolto a fronte di un'offerta libera (con ricarica telefonica TIM) che il consultante è invitato a lasciare secondo le modalità che saranno comunicate in sede telefonica.
    Cartomante Yoruba'.
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